How to Fix Seagate External Hard Drive Needs to Be Formatted Error

My 3TB Seagate external hard drive has suddenly informed me that it needs to be formatted. I truly need everything back, and I have 2.8TB worth of files, images, films, and other things on that external hard drive with no backups anywhere.

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Dany· Answered on Mar 26, 2024

Firstly, maybe you should know the reasons why the Seagate external hard drive needs to be formatted error happens:

  • Your Seagate external hard drive experiences an unexpected power outage.
  • The computer virus or malware cause the issue.
  • Your Seagate external hard drive has bad sectors.

Before you try any fixes, you'd better rescue data from the Seagate external hard drive first to avoid unnecessary data loss. Maybe some files on your external hard drive have already been lost. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can help you find lost files, such as pictures, movies, music, emails, and documents, in three steps:

Step 1. With the EaseUS data recovery program, it is not difficult to recover data from external hard drives. Select your 3TB Seagate external hard drive from the disk list in the app's main window.

Step 2. You can choose a quick scan, and all the lost photos, videos, and documents will appear in the recoverable list. If you remember your lost files' names, you can search for them with the search box.

Step 3. After deciding where to store these recovered files, you can click the Recover button to start the external hard drive recovery

After rescuing the data, you can try the following methods to fix the Seagate external hard drive needs to be formatted error:

  • Connect your Seagate external hard drive to other computers.
  • Run antivirus software on your computer to clean up the virus.
  • Use the CHKDSK command to repair the corrupted Seagate external hard drive.
  • Contact EaseUS data recovery services to repair the external hard drive manually.

Use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to recover deleted or lost files easily and quickly.

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