How Can I Recover Lost MRW Files on Windows OS

I have a Minolta Dimage digital camera, and I accidentally formatted my camera and the SD card becomes RAW format. Is that possible to perform MRW file recovery on Windows OS?

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Dany· Answered on Jul 20, 2023

Accidents happen every day. Accidentally deleting or formatting may cause the loss of precious photos and files forever. But you needn't worry too much. You can recover lost MRW files with reliable methods.

1. Recover MRW images with Data Recovery Software. Usually, you cannot restore external device data from recycle bin. Thus, you need to make use of recovery software. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is the best tool, which recovers deleted photos from SD card, USB flash drives, external hard drives, and memory cards even after formatting.

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Step 1. If the RAW SD card has a partition label, you can simply choose it from the list of devices and choose Scan to search for any missing MRW files. If the label for the RAW partition is missing, it will be identified as Lost Partition. To start a general scan of the RAW drive, pick Lost Partition and click Scan.

Step 2. All of the RAW SD card MRW files will be visible after the scan is finished. Go through these files to identify the ones you want to recover. The scanned data can be sorted by file format, or you can use the Search files or folders box to conduct a direct search.

Step 3. To recover the MRW files, select every file and choose Recover. Click OK to begin RAW MRW file recovery and choose a different internal or external hard drive to save the recovered data.

2. The second method works well only if you have made a backup before the MRW is deleted from your device. A backup is a primary option for every user who randomly faces data loss problems. Here is an example of recovering lost MRW photos from your Windows backup.

Step 1. Connect the digital camera or SD cards containing the backup to your computer.

Step 2. Right-click the Windows Start button and go to Control Panel, System and Maintenance, and then Backup and Restore.

Step 3. Choose either to Restore my files or Restore all users' files.

Step 4. Search for your lost photos by using the Browse for files or Browse for folders option.

Step 5. Select your MRW files and click Restore to recover them.

Use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to recover deleted or lost files easily and quickly.

Tutorials on how to recover lost, deleted, or formatted data from HDD, SSD, USB, SD card, or other storage media on Windows and Mac.

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