How to Recover Latest Windows Update Deleted Files

I chose to upgrade to the latest Windows two days ago. My desktop files were gone after I performed the upgrade, and the background had also been altered. How can I get back those files that the most recent Windows update deleted?

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Dany· Answered on Mar 20, 2024

1. Whenever you lose files after updating with Windows Update Assistant, you can try this reliable way. The quickest and most effective way to restore lost documents after Windows 10 update is by using data recovery software. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard serves great Windows users with powerful data recovery capacity for restoring lost data due to system updates.

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Step 1. Click the "Scan" button after selecting the precise partition or disk where the data were lost after the Windows update.

Step 2. The program will start scanning the disk right away, and the deleted data will soon be visible. You can halt the scan if you discover the necessary files throughout it. You may use the file format filter to easily locate the desired file.

Step 3. Click the "Recover" option after selecting any desired files, such as Word, Excel, PDF, pictures, videos, or emails. To save the recovered data in a new location, you can search.

2. Restore the missing files via Windows.old folder. Windows create a folder named Windows.old and place all data of the previous version after each update. The available time is 10 days for the folder, so pay attention to the date.

3. Check your temporary profile to restore files. You can recover deleted files after a Windows update by checking whether you're signed in with a temporary profile or not.

4. Re-enable Windows 10/11 administrator accounts. Another way to retrieve Windows update deleted files is by enabling the Administrator accounts, you can open computer management to re-enable the accounts.

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