How to Tell If MacBook Is Charging? Full Ways

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Different MacBook models come with different battery sizes— each caters to how long it would run on a single charge. Imagine you've put your MacBook on charge and found that it is not charging after an hour. Thankfully, there are multiple ways to check and ensure your device is charging.

To quickly give you an overview, you can listen to the charging sound when you plug the charger in, check the cable light, check your MacSafe power adapter, and even touch the device to feel the rising temperature. With similar insights, we encourage you to stick with us until the end to learn all the right ways to ensure your MacBook is charging. Let's get to the answers to the most asked question: How to tell if your MacBook is charging!

How to Tell If MacBook Is Charging | Quick Solutions

Here are some quick fixes to determine if your MacBook is charging:

  • ✨Listen to the charging sound - A sound may play when the charger is connected.
  • ✨Check the cable light - MagSafe adapters have an LED that indicates charging status.
  • ✨Check MagSafe power adapter - Ensure the LED light is on.
  • ✨Touch the MacBook and feel the temperature - A slight warmth indicates charging.

Method 1. Check the Battery Icon to Tell If the MacBook Is Charging or Not

The menu bar battery sign indicates if your Mac is charging or not. Connecting the MacBook to a power outlet displays a lightning bolt in the battery icon. Click the symbol to check if the "Charging on hold" indication is present or not. If you don't see the battery symbol in the menu bar, you may add the battery icon via System Settings.

Step 1. Click the Apple logo and choose "System Settings".

Step 2. Scroll down the left sidebar and click "Control Centre."

Step 3. Find "Battery" and choose "Show" in the Menu Bar.

Step 4. You can also use the battery symbol to verify the power source. If it indicates the power source is the power adapter, your Mac is charging; otherwise, it displays the battery.

MacBook battery icon

Method 2. Check the MacBook Battery Charge Condition in System Settings

When your Mac is switched on, you can verify whether it is charging by navigating through the Battery section in System Settings and checking the battery's health. Follow the instructions below to Check the MacBook battery charge condition in System Settings:

Step 1. Go to the "Apple" menu and choose "System Settings".

Step 2. Scroll down the left sidebar and choose "Battery."

Step 3. The battery icon will display the required information, such as Charging or Fully Charged.

⚠️Note: A lightning bolt symbol means that the battery is currently charging.

MacBook battery module

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Method 3. Find Out MacBook Is Charging or Not in About This Mac

The About this Mac section offers a lot of information about your Mac, including its battery. Here are the methods to verify whether your MacBook is charging utilizing this feature:

Step 1. Select "About This Mac" from the Apple menu.

Step 2. Select "More Info" from the menu at the bottom of the window.

Step 3. System Settings will go to the "General" section and provide information about your Mac.

Step 4. At the bottom of the window, choose "System Report." You'll now see a text window with a sidebar containing a wealth of information about your Mac.

Step 5. In the sidebar, choose "Power". Battery Information appears at the top of the newly opened window.

⚠️Note: Halfway down that area, you'll notice information regarding the battery charge, including if it's still charging.

MacBook power option

Bonus Tip: What to Do When MacBook Not Charging

If your MacBook is not charging, try these solutions:

  • ✅Check that the power outlet is operating properly. Plug your charger into another socket.
  • ✅Examine your charging cable and adapter for any visible signs of damage. Frayed or broken cables can prevent your MacBook from charging properly.
  • ✅Dust and debris can accumulate in the charging port over time. Use a soft brush or compressed air to clean the port.
  • ✅Resetting the SMC can often resolve power-related issues. Instructions for this can be found on Apple's official support page.
  • ✅If possible, use another compatible charger to determine if the issue is with your charger or the MacBook itself.

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MacBook not charging issues can affect your work projects and ruin your planned activities. This tutorial shows how to check the charging status using the battery icon, System Settings, and "About This Mac."

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Know If MacBook Is Charging FAQs

Following are the common queries that users search for related to Mac charging:

1. How do I know if my MacBook is charging when it turns off?

Whether you use a MagSafe cable or USB-C, your MacBook should make a sound when you plug it in. To check whether it's charging while the Mac is off, unplug and reconnect it.

2. Why is my MacBook screen black with a powering symbol?

IA hard restart may address temporary system difficulties causing the MacBook won't turn on with black screen. Hold the Power button for 10 seconds before releasing it. Restart your MacBook by pressing the Power button again after shutdown.

3. How do I fix the MacBook Pro not charging?

Check your battery health via System Settings to fix a MacBook Pro that is not charging. Inspect your charging cable for damage. Restart your MacBook and close battery-draining apps. Finally, the System Management Controller (SMC) must be reset to resolve power-related issues and restore proper charging functionality.

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