How to Fix Zip Folder Cannot Be Deleted on My Computer

I downloaded some Zip files, and I can delete any contents in them but cannot delete the folder. I can move and rename the folder, but I always fail to delete it with the 'File could not be found' error. What should I do to fix this error and delete this Zip folder?

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Dany· Answered on Jun 20, 2024

To fix the problem, you have many solutions to choose from, and we will introduce the methods one by one.

1. The first method you should try is to restart Windows Explorer. On the Taskbar, you should right-click "Start" and choose "Task Manager." Select "Windows Explorer" under the Processes tab, then choose the "Restart" button in the bottom right corner. To test if the problem will appear once more, try deleting the Zip folder.

2. If you know what commands to execute, you can utilize PowerShell to address a variety of issues, even if you have no knowledge of what it is. Choose "Copy as path" from the menu by right-clicking the Zip folder you want to remove. The item's file path will be copied as a result, which you'll require later. Next, launch Windows Search by pressing Win + S and putting "PowerShell" into the search field. To open PowerShell, right-click on Windows PowerShell in the search results and choose "Run as administrator". Type in del "drive:\path\filename" in the PowerShell window. You should replace the text included in square brackets with the file location you copied in the previous step.

3. The last method you can try is renaming your folder. You would need to examine the directory's files. Some reserved file names on the Windows file system cannot be deleted via the Windows interface. For instance, if we create a file called con.txt on a Linux computer, zip it up, and then unzip it on a Windows computer, Windows would throw an error when attempting to remove the file because the console device is mapped to con.

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