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Windows Server Password Reset - How to Guide

This guide gives detailed, step-by-step instructions and explains a process to Windows server password reset in various cases. So, whether you're locked out, you can follow this guide to learn how to tackle it.

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Updated on Jul 10, 2024

Resetting Windows Server passwords can become necessary in various situations, whether someone has forgotten the password or wants to update it for security purposes. Whatever reasons have led you to learn how to reset the Windows Server password, you'll find the entire process with proper step-by-step instructions in this post. We'll cover two different scenarios: if you're locked out and have forgotten the password and if you're logged in and want to change the password quickly. Follow this guide from EaseUS to easily reset the password for Windows Server in no time.

These methods apply to all versions of Windows Server, including 2016, 2019, 2018, and 2012. So, there's no need to worry—you won't face any complexity, as the steps are similar.

Use EaseUS Partition Master - Easiest and Fastest

The easiest way is to use EaseUS Partition Master Server and its "Password Reset" feature to avoid the hassle and complexity of resetting the Windows Server, especially if you're locked out and don't remember the password. EaseUS Partition Master is easy to use and can create a password reset USB on another PC to unlock the server PC.

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Follow these steps:

Step 1. Insert the target USB disk into the computer, download and run EaseUS Partition Master, and click "Toolkit" > "Password Reset."

click password reset feature

Step 2. A small window will pop up. After reading it carefully, click "Create".

click create

Step 3. Select the correct USB flash drive or external mobile hard disk and click "Create" again. Wait patiently. After the password reset USB flash drive is created, click "Finish."

create bootable disk

Step 4. Remove the password reset USB, insert it into the locked PC, and restart. You will be asked to change the boot drive to boot the PC from USB. Once completed, the system will automatically boot from USB.

Step 5. After restarting, find EaseUS Partition Master again and go to "Password Reset." All accounts on the PC will be displayed in the interface; click on the target account and check "Reset & Unlock."

select the correct account

Step 6. When you receive this prompt, click "Confirm" to continue. Your password will be erased.

confirm the action

Try EaseUS Partition Master right now to resolve the issue easily and become worry-free from password reset headaches!

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How to Perform Windows Server Password Reset - Logged In and Logged Out?

Let's find the most appropriate way to reset the Windows server password, whether you're locked out or logged in. We'll provide multiple methods for both situations. 

Situation 1. Locked Out of Windows Server

When you don't remember the password and are locked out, you can try these two methods to reset the Windows server password.

Guide 1. Use Password Reset Disk

At an earlier stage, if you had created a password reset disk, it would be useful for easily resetting your Windows server password.

Follow the steps:

Step 1. Intentionally enter the incorrect password at the login screen. Click the Password reset option.

Step 2. Connect the password reset disk to the locked PC when the password reset Wizard pops up.

Step 3. Choose the password reset disk and click "Next."

Step 4. Create a new password and password hint, click "Next," and restart the computer.

password reset disk

Step 5. Log in to Windows Server with the new password.

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Guide 2. Use Command Prompt

If you lack a password reset disk, there's still a solution to reset your Windows server password even if you're locked out. First, you need to create a Windows Server 2019 installation USB to launch the command tool as the built-in administrator and execute a command to reset the password of a local user account.

Follow the steps to reset the Windows server password via Command Prompt:

Step 1. Connect the Windows Server 2019 installation USB to your PC and boot from it.

click install

Step 2. Choose "Repair your computer" from the bottom left corner.

Step 3. Click "Troubleshoot".

click troubleshoot

Step 4. Click "Command Prompt" to open it.

click command prompt

Step 5. Then, type the following commands, pressing Enter after each one.

E:\windows\system32\utilman.exe E:\

type the commands

copy E:\windows\system32\cmd.exe E:\windows\system32\utilman.exe

type the commands

Step 6. Type wpeutil reboot and press Enter.

Step 7. Your PC will be rebooted. Click Ease of Access and in the window, type net user administrator * to reset the password.

Situation 2. Logged In Windows Server

Now, follow the guides below to change or reset your Windows server password when you're logged in.

Guide 1. Press Ctrl +Alt +Del

Follow the steps to reset your password in Windows Server 2016/2019 by pressing Ctrl +Alt +Del keys:

Step 1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del.

Step 2. When the screen appears, click the Change Password option.

Step 3. Type your existing password in the Old password field, then type your new password and confirm it by typing again. Finally, click OK.

Guide 2. Use Computer Management

You can also reset your Windows server password using computer management. Here's how:

Step 1. Press Win+R, type compmgmt.msc in the Run dialog box, and press Enter to open the Computer Management console.

Step 2. Expand Local Users and Groups and click Users to continue.

Step 3. Right-click on the "Administrator user account" and click "Set Password" from the dropdown menu.

reset windows server password

Step 4. A pop-up will appear. Click "Proceed."

Step 5. Type in confirm a new password in both fields and then click "OK."

use computer management to reset server password

Guide 3. Use Windows Settings

This is an easy and straightforward way to change the password through Windows Settings. Follow the steps:

Step 1. Press the Win+I buttons simultaneously to open the Settings.

Step 2. In the Settings, click Accounts.

Step 3. Click the Sign-in options from the left side menu.

Step 4. Click the Password and click Change.

Step 5. Enter your current password and click "Next".

Step 6. Type and confirm the new password, create a Password hint, and click "Next."


Resetting your Windows Server password, whether you're locked out or logged in, is a manageable task when you follow the right steps. This guide gave you detailed instructions for many methods. They ensure you can regain access or update your password with ease.

For the quickest and simplest solution, consider using EaseUS Partition Master. Its "Password Reset" feature can save you time and effort, especially if you're locked out and don't remember your password. By following the methods, you can tackle any password reset scenario with confidence.

Share this guide with your friends and colleagues who might find it helpful, and try EaseUS Partition Master to make the process even smoother.


FAQs About Windows Server Password Reset

Do you have more queries about resetting the Windows server password? Check the FAQs below.

1. How to recover the local admin password Windows Server?

You can recover the local admin password on Windows Server by using a password reset disk, Command Prompt, or a third-party tool like EaseUS Partition Master.

2. How do I reset the Windows Server 2019 administrator password using Command Prompt?

You can reset the Windows Server 2019 administrator password using Command Prompt by creating a Windows Server 2019 installation USB.

  • Create a Windows Server 2019 installation USB.
  • Boot from the USB.
  • Select "Repair your computer" and click "Command Prompt".
  • Type commands to reset the password:
  • E:\windows\system32\utilman.exe E:
  • copy E:\windows\system32\cmd.exe E:\windows\system32\utilman.exe
  • wpeutil reboot
  • net user administrator *

3. How do you reset the Windows Server password with the installation CD?

You can reset the Windows Server password with the installation CD by booting from the CD, selecting the "Repair your computer" option, and then using the Command Prompt (CMD) to reset the password.

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