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Best Free PC Cache Cleaner: Top 5 [Proven Checklist]

Are you running out of space on your Windows PC? Then follow this easy guide to find the best PC Cache Cleaner that can remove the extra and unnecessary files.

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Updated on Apr 22, 2024

On PCs, your apps, programs, or operating systems frequently use a collection of temporary files called cache data. However, Windows computers occasionally generate many cache files, using up disk space and causing your system to function slowly or even crash. Additionally, there is a chance that the cache will become corrupted, leading to new issues like BSOD.

  1. 1. EaseUS Partition Mastercache cleaner
  2. 2. Windows Run Box
  3. 3. Storage Sense
  4. 4. Command Prompt
  5. 5. Disk Cleanup

As a result, you should routinely clear out these cache files from your computer. So, this article from EaseUS provides five tried and tested PC cache cleaners to clear the cache.

Free PC Cache Cleaner: Top 5 in 2024 [Proven]

Given below are the top 5 free PC cache cleaners you can use:

1. EaseUS Partition Master

EaseUS Partition Master is a free partition management tool with many features that are perfect for modifying your PC's disk space and enhancing system performance.

This tool also comes with a Clean Genius feature, which can help clean the cache and remove junk files to achieve maximum performance and make your PC as good and fast as new. It can scan and remove the cache with one simple click. In addition to identifying the precise files occupying your disk space, it clears out all unnecessary cache files on Windows computers.

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Now, follow the steps given below to use EaseUS Partition Master to clear the cache on your PC:

Step 1. Download and install EaseUS Partition Master Suite.

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download and install CleanGenius

Step 2. Click PC Cleaner and install EaseUS CleanGinus. Then, click "Cleanup" and click "Scan" to start cleaning up the system and make your PC as good as new.

system cleanup step 1

Step 3. The software will scanning all over your computer to find idle data files that take a huge amount of disk space, you can select useless large files, system junk files and Windows invalid entries and click "Clean" to start system cleanup process.

system cleanup step 2

Step 4. When the scan is complete, click "Done" to finish cleaning system junk files.

system cleanup step 3

You can easily create and delete partitions using this tool. By doing this, you can manage the content of each hard drive more efficiently and conserve space.

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2. Windows Run Box

As many of you might know, one common cache data form is temp files, which are frequently kept in the C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\Temp path. You can clean them here with the Windows Run box. For Windows 10 and 11, this is the best free PC cache cleaner.

Follow the steps below to clear the cache on Windows:

Step 1. Press the Windows + R keys to open the run box, type %temp%, and press OK.

Step 2. This will open the Temp folder. Now, press the Ctrl + A keys to choose all the files in the folder, right-click, and choose Delete from the context menu to clear the cache data from your PC.

clean cache using Windows Run box

Step 3. Open the Run dialogue box, type prefetch, and click OK. Press Continue when prompted, as it requires permission. Next, press ctrl + A to select all the files and click the delete button to remove all the cache files.

If you found the methods in the article helpful, please feel free to share them on social media for those in need.


3. Storage Sense

Storage Sense is also one of the best PC cache cleaners that can be used to automatically free up space, delete temporary files, and regularly manage locally available cloud content. Let us see how to perform the steps:

Step 1. Press the Windows + I keys to open Settings.

Step 2. Click System on the left pane. Next, scroll down and click Storage on the right.

Step 3. Toggle the button next to Storage Sense under Storage Management on the right. This will help you clean up the system space.

use storage sense to clear cache

4. Command Prompt

Command Prompt (CMD) is an effective command-line utility on Windows computers that can also remove temporary files and cache. Let us look at how to use this PC cache cleaner to clear cache data:

Step 1. Type cmd in the Windows Search box. Next, right-click the Command Prompt application and choose Run as administrator. Click Yes in the UAC window when prompted.

Step 2. Copy and paste the following commands to delete all the temporary files on the C drive.

Note: Press the Enter key after each command line.

  • %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe %temp%\
  • del %temp%\*.*/s/q

Step 3. Run the commands given below to delete the prefetch cache data:

  • %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe C:\Windows\prefetch\
  • del C:\Windows\prefetch\*.*/s/q

5. Disk Cleanup

Windows PCs can also use Disk Cleanup as a hard drive cleaner, a built-in tool, to remove temporary and cache files. Follow the steps given below to learn how to do so:

Step 1. Type diskcleanup into the Windows Search bar and click the top result.

Step 2. Select the drive you want to clean up using the drop-down box and click OK.

run disk cleanup

Step 3. Click the check box next to the cache files you want to delete and click OK.

Step 4. Click the Delete Files button when prompted to clean up the disk.

If you found the methods in the article helpful, please feel free to share them on social media for those in need.


Why Do We Need to Clean Cache for Windows 11/10/8/7

Clearing the cache files helps your PC to operate smoothly and create more disk space. There are numerous benefits to clearing the cache on your PC, as given below:

  • Increases speed: Your PC will run faster if you clear the cache and remove any stored data from applications.
  • Additional space: Deleting cache files frees up space for important documents and applications. Cache files can take up a lot of storage.
  • Enhanced security: As cache files contain private information like browsing history or login credentials, deleting them would reduce the risk of unauthorized access.
  • Solves technical problems: Cache data can occasionally result in problems like crashes or software errors. These can be resolved by clearing the cache.
  • Updated material: When you clear the cache, you will see the most recent versions of documents, photos, and web pages rather than old, saved versions.

Additionally, optimizing system resources through cache clearing enhances responsiveness and multitasking. Thus, it is advised to clear your cache frequently for optimal performance.


That is all there is to it when it comes to cleaning your Windows 11 computer's cache and temporary files. As we have already discussed, this can help reduce mess and even enhance the performance of your PC. All the cache cleaners mentioned in the article are free of cost and built on a Windows PC. You can also use the free, third-party tool EaseUS Partition Master to manage clearing your PC's cache and temp files.

Free PC Cache Cleaner FAQS

If you have more questions about cleaning the cache on your Windows PC, check out the frequently asked questions and answers given below:

1. How do I clean my computer to run faster?

To clean your computer to run faster, ensure that you prevent your computer's programs from opening automatically during startup, uninstall or delete any programs that you do not use, clear up the hard drive space, store outdated images or videos on an external drive or cloud, perform a disk repair or cleanup, clear the cache or temp files on your PC, etc.

2. What is the best cleaning program for Windows 10?

One useful tool Microsoft developed to address the aspect of Windows OS requirements is Microsoft PC Manager, a powerful PC cleaner. The program is free of cost and may be the best PC cleaner available for Windows 10. This app uses features to guarantee enhanced functionality and system security.

3. How do you clear your PC's cache in Windows 10?

You can clear your PC's cache on Windows 10 using a free, third-party app like EaseUS Partition Master or Windows in-built tools like Windows Run box, Storage Sense, Command Prompt, or Disk Cleanup.

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