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The Best 5 Hard Drive Cleaner for Windows [2024 Review] 🔥

Are you having a problem deciding which hard drive cleaner to choose for your system? Discover the best hard drive cleaner software in the following article.

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Updated by Cici on Jan 02, 2024

Nowadays, data storage and management have become paramount, and the need for efficient hard drive cleaning tools has never been greater. Over time, Windows computers tend to accumulate unnecessary files, temporary data, and redundant applications, resulting in reduced performance and diminished storage capacity.

Numerous hard drive cleaner software solutions have emerged in the market to combat these issues, each offering unique features and benefits. EaseUS will comprehensively review the top five hard drive cleaner tools for Windows in 2024. Stick with the article to determine which hard drive cleaner is best for your computer.

Overview of The Best 5 Hard Drive Cleaners

When selecting a reliable hard drive cleaner for your computer, you need to evaluate each choice carefully. In this section, we will review the 5 best hard drive cleaner software that is available for free. The top 5 hard drive cleaner software tools were selected based on several factors, including price, operating system compatibility, features, and complexity.

The best options were chosen to ensure a comprehensive review by evaluating these criteria. Given below is the comparison table of the 5 hard drive cleaner software:

Hard Drive Cleaner 💻OS Compatibility ⛏️Features for Disk Cleanup 💲Price ✍️Usability

🥇EaseUS Partition Master

  • Format
  • Wipe the hard drive
  • Disk partitioning
Free/Premium Simple and User-friendly

🥈Wise Disk Cleaner

  • Disk cleanup
  • Junk file removal
Free Simple


  • Disk cleanup
  • Registry cleaner
Free/Premium User-friendly


  • Secure file deletion
  • Disk cleanup 
Free/Premium Simple


Windows/ Mac /Linux
  • Disk cleanup
  • Privacy tools
  • File shredding
Free A bit complex

Among the top 5 hard drive cleaner software tools, we recommend trying "EaseUS Partition Master" with its Format and Wipe hard drive feature. This software provides a comprehensive range of features and is available for free. In addition to its hard drive cleaning capabilities, it provides bonus features such as disk partitioning, which can be useful for optimizing your hard drive storage. It is suitable for personal and small business use, making it versatile.

Next, we will provide the detailed features of each tool. If you think this passage is helpful to pick the best hard drive cleaner, share it with others by clicking the social buttons below.


Top 5 Hard Drive Cleaner Recommend and Free Download 2024

This section will recommend the top five hard drive cleaner software tools for 2024. These tools are picked out through their features, user-friendliness, and availability as free downloads. Given below are the top 5 hard drive cleaner software:

EaseUS Partition Master

EaseUS Partition Master is a comprehensive disk management tool with various features, including hard drive cleaning capabilities. It lets you format and wipe hard drives, optimize disk space, and manage partitions effectively.

easeus partition master

Key Features

  • Format hard drives to exFAT, FAT32 or other formats.
  • Wipe hard drives to remove sensitive data securely.
  • Optimize disk space by resizing, moving, merging, and splitting partitions.
  • Create, format, delete, and recover partitions.

Download Button:

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Review from BestbackupReviews: From within this tool, we can not only delete selected (or indeed all) partitions on any given disk, but also make use of special tools to overwrite the existing data a specified number of times on any given partition to help ensure the deletion is as secure as possible.

Final Verdict: EaseUS Partition Master is highly recommended for its comprehensive disk management features, including the ability to format and wipe hard drives. It is user-friendly, efficient, and offers valuable disk optimization capabilities.

If you like this disk cleaner, feel free to share this tool to help more of your friends online to monitor and optimize their disk performance with ease:


Wise Disk Cleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner is a user-friendly disk cleanup tool. This tool is designed to help you free up disk space and improve system performance. It scans your hard drive for unnecessary files and offers safe deletion options.

wise disk cleaner

Key Features

  • Deep scan and customizable cleaning options.
  • Disk defragmentation for optimized file storage.
  • Scheduled automatic disk cleaning.
  • Advanced cleaning algorithms for secure file deletion.

Download Link: Wise Disk Cleaner

#Disk Cleaner#HDD Cleaner#Windows

Review from MysteryinCNY: The Advanced Cleaner ALWAYS finds 249mb of stuff to clean but never removes it. I've tried running the program as Administrator and not and the 249mb is always there even after a reboot.

Final Verdict: It is a user-friendly tool that effectively cleans up your hard drive and improves system performance. Its deep scan and customizable cleaning options offer a reliable solution for freeing up disk space.


CCleaner is a popular disk cleaning and optimization tool trusted by millions of users worldwide. It removes temporary files, cleans up the registry, and helps protect your privacy by clearing browsing history and cookies.

ccleaner hard disk

Key Features

  • Disk cleanup for temporary files, log files, and cache.
  • Registry cleaner to fix issues and optimize system performance.
  • Privacy tools for clearing browsing history, cookies, and download history.
  • Drive Wiper feature to securely erase sensitive data.

Download Link: CCleaner

#Disk Cleaner#Clean Disk#CCleaner#Free

Review from Techadvisor: The interface might not be the most user-friendly but there’s a great selection of tools if you spend some time to get to know what is where.

Final Verdict: CCleaner is a trusted and feature-rich disk cleaning tool that removes unnecessary files and optimizes system performance. Its privacy tools and registry cleaner make it versatile for maintaining a clean and secure hard drive.


Shred-It is a disk cleanup tool that focuses on secure file deletion. It permanently deletes files and folders, making data recovery virtually impossible. It is suitable for users who prioritize privacy and data security.

shredit hard disk cleaner

Key Features

  • Securely delete files, folders, and free space on your hard drive.
  • Multiple shredding algorithms for enhanced data erasure.
  • Schedule shredding tasks for automatic file deletion.
  • Integrated disk cleaner for temporary file removal.

Download Link: Shred-lt

#Disk Wiper#Disk Cleaner#Disk Shredder

There are some bad reviews about this tool, and if you are interested, you can search it online. In conclusion, this tool is expensive and lacks service. 

Final Verdict: ShredIt is an excellent choice for users who prioritize data security and privacy. Its secure file deletion capabilities ensure that sensitive data cannot be recovered, making it a recommended option for those who want to remove files permanently.


BleachBit is an open-source disk cleanup and privacy tool. It helps you free up disk space and protect your privacy by removing unnecessary files, cookies, and traces of online activities.

bleachbit hard disk cleaner

Key Features

  • Deep scan for temporary files, cache, and system logs.
  • Privacy cleaner to remove traces of online activities and personal information.
  • Securely delete files to prevent recovery.
  • Customizable cleaning options and file shredding.

Download Link: BleachBit

#Disk Cleaner#Cleanup Disk#Shredder

Review from SourceForge: So far, so good - my Win10 machine now boots up in ~25 seconds like it did with a fresh, clean ISO install. Bleachbit ran for several hours - but I was very happy with the speed of my machine the next morning. On the first attempt, I had my doubts.

Final Verdict: BleachBit is a powerful open-source disk cleaner that provides efficient file deletion and privacy protection. Its customizable cleaning options and real-time system monitoring offer a reliable solution for freeing up disk space and maintaining privacy.

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In conclusion, this page has provided an overview of the top 5 hard drive cleaner software tools for 2024. These tools have been evaluated based on their features, user-friendliness, and availability as free downloads. Each software has been introduced, accompanied by screenshots and key features. Based on the analysis, the following recommendations are made for different user categories:

  • For Beginners:

EaseUS Partition Master: It offers a user-friendly interface and customizable cleaning options. This software provides comprehensive disk management features, including hard drive formatting and wiping.

  • For Advanced Users:

CCleaner: Its additional features, such as registry cleaning and privacy tools, make it suitable for advanced users who want a comprehensive disk cleaning and system optimization solution.

  • For Developers:

BleachBit: It is an open-source and freely available hard drive cleaner. This software is recommended for developers who require more control over their disk partitions and optimization.

Among the recommended options, EaseUS Partition Master stands out as the best hard drive cleaner software overall. It offers many features, including disk formatting and wiping, partitioning, and file management, making it a versatile tool for optimizing hard drive storage. Additionally, it is available as a free download, making it accessible to users with different needs and budgets.

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FAQs About Hard Drive Cleaner

If you have further questions about hard drive cleaner software, we've compiled frequently asked questions to provide answers and guidance. Read on to find the information you're looking for:

1. How to clean an external hard drive in Windows?

Here is how you can clean an external hard drive in Windows:

Step 1: Link the external hard drive to your Windows PC. Now open File Explorer and locate the external hard drive.

Step 2: Right-click the target drive and click"Properties." There, click on the "Disk Cleanup" button. And then, choose the files you want to delete and click "OK." Finally, confirm the deletion by clicking "Delete Files."

2. What is the best hard drive cleaner for Mac?

The best hard drive cleaner for Mac is "BleachBit." It provides effective disk cleanup, privacy protection, and file shredding capabilities. BleachBit's customizable cleaning options and secure file deletion make it a reliable choice for optimizing and maintaining your Mac's hard drive.

3. What is the best free hard drive cleaner for Windows

The best free hard drive cleaner for Windows is "EaseUS Partition Master." In addition to its disk partitioning features, EaseUS Partition Master includes a built-in disk cleaning functionality. It lets you securely format and wipe hard drives, freeing space and optimizing performance.

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