How Can I Format RAW Hard Drive with No Partitions

I have a 32 GB USB, but when I connected it to my PC recently, I got a message saying I need to format it before I can use it. But I tried a lot of ways, I still can't format it. So I need help. How can I format a RAW hard drive?

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Sherly· Answered on Aug 09, 2023

So you want to format a RAW USB, don't you? It is easy as long as you use the correct way. Command Prompt can indeed help you with this issue, but you are apt to make a mistake during the process; as a result, you may get a wrong result, or you may not get a result. Hence, I recommend that you use a reliable formatting tool, EaseUS Partition Master.

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Its "format RAW drive" feature can help you format your RAW USB efficiently, and its clear interface makes the whole process smooth. Follow the steps below to format your RAW USB:

Step 1. Plug your USB into your PC. Launch EaseUS Partition Master and locate your USB in the "Partition Manager" section.

Step 2. Right-click on it and choose "Format." Then, choose the "cluster size, file system type, and partition label" for your USB.

Step 3. Finally, click "Execute the task" and wait for the format process to complete.

In this way, you can format your RAW USB/SD card/external hard drive. EaseUS Partition Master is friendly to newbies, so if you don't own much experience in computing, it's a nice choice.


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