How to Backup/Transfer Kodi(XBMC) with Addons and Settings

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Is it possible to copy Kodi setup from one PC to another? 

"Hey guys, I'm just wondering if anyone has had any luck with copying a whole Kodi setup from one PC to another. I've spent hours getting it right on one, and I don't feel like doing it again."

Under many circumstances, especially when we upgrade a Kodi device, we need to copy Kodi setup along with its add-ons and settings to the new place. How are you going to make it happen?

In general, experienced Kodi users would suggest a free way to manually copy and paste the Kodi setup folder from one PC to another PC, and then install it on your Kodi device.

Guide: How to Manually Transfer Kodi Setup and Settings from PC to PC

Step 1. On the PC you have Kodi installed, go to C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming.

Step 2. Now, use a removable USB flash drive to save the folder called "Kodi" within the path.

Step 3. On the new PC, go to C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming. Paste the "Kodi" folder you saved on the USB flash drive and let the new folder overwrite the earlier same folder if you got one.

By following the guide carefully, you ought to be able to load Kodi on the new PC and without losing the previous configuration and all add-ons.

Download Kodi Transfer Tool to Back Up/Transfer Kodi with Addons and Settings

The Kodi transfer method we provided above seems to be simple, and everyone can handle it. However, there are many failure cases, either. To tell the truth, if you're thinking about transferring Kodi with all configurations from one Kodi device to another, undoubtedly an easy Kodi transfer tool is preferred.

With EaseUS Todo PCTrans, users can achieve two goals.

  • Back up Kodi setup, add-ons, and settings and restore whenever you accidentally cleared data on Kodi or in case of Kodi device corruption.
  • Transfer/move/migrate Kodi application from one PC to another PC, or a USB flash drive and a memory card, etc.

It's a Windows easy transfer tool, thus to utilize the software to back up or transfer Kodi application across, you have to install it on both Windows PCs.

Following is the detailed guide on how to use EaseUS Todo PCTrans to create an image file of Kodi, the image of which contains everything you added to the app.

Step 1. Create a backup image of installed apps

1. Launch EaseUS Todo PCTrans on your PC and go to "Image Transfer", click "Start" to continue.

run EaseUS Todo PCTrans

2. Select "Create Image File" on the Select Image Transfer Method window and click "Create" to continue.

Select create image file

3. Click "Browse" to set a target location for saving the image. 

4. On the "Application" section, click "Edit" to bring up the application list.

select application for transfer

5. Select applications that you want to back up and click "Finish" to confirm.

create image of application

6. Last, click "Create" to start creating the backup image of selected applications. When the process to completes, continue with Step 2.

Step 2. Restore apps from created EaseUS Todo PCTrans image

Note: If the app exists on your PC, it won't restore the app image to your PC. You'll need to uninstall the existing one and retry again with the next guidelines.

1. Copy and save the image file to your target computer, and run EaseUS Todo PCTrans.

On the "Image Transfer" section, click "Start" to continue, then select "Recover via Image Files" as the transfer mode and click "Recover" to continue.

2. Click "Browse" to select the Todo PCTrans image and click "Recover" to move on.

select image to recover

3. On the Application section, click "Edit" to bring up the application list (that you've backed up in Step 1).

4. Tick programs and applications that you want to restore from the image and click "Finish" to confirm.

restore application image

5. Click "Recover" to finish the restoring process and you can restart PC to keep all the changes on your PC.

EaseUS Todo PCTrans also enables you to transfer Kodi data from PC to PC Directly with the "PC to PC" transfer mode. 


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