"Hello readers, I hope my articles have been helpful in solving all of your pesky issues and that you can now get the most out of your Mac or PC. Happy hacking!"

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Jean has been writing tech articles since she was graduated from university. She has been part of the EaseUS team for over 5 years. Her special focuses are data recovery, disk partitioning, data space optimization, data backup and Mac OS. By the way, she's an aviation fan!

Jean likes writing all the time, and her articles are usually about computer technology. She started working in EaseUS as a professional writer 6 years ago due to the passion for solving people's trouble related to computers, laptops, Macs, hard drives, memory cards, USB devices...So far, she has published 500+ tech articles of software reviews, how-to guides, and software & hardware knowledge base.
Jean's an English major with a B.A. degree from the CISISU University in Chengdu, China. After four years of comprehensive and systematic language training courses in college, she can speak and write English articles very fluently. Her tech articles that are visible on Google always present step-by-step guides illustrated by pictures, so most of them have attracted people's eyes from all over the world when they ran into troubles like losing important documents, photos, videos or having computer concerned problems.
If writing is the favorite thing Jean does, singing should come to the second place. She goes to Karaoke a lot when she is free.

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How to Recover Unsaved Word Document 2019/2018/2016/2013/2010/2007

How to recover unsaved Word documents in Windows and Mac? This page shows five ways to help you recover unsaved Word documents from AutoRecover, temporary files, and Document Recovery. If your saved Word document gets deleted due to a virus attack, misoperation, or hard drive formatting, you can get it back with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard - an all-in-one document recovery tool.

Jean   |   Aug 31, 2022

How to Recover (Permanently) Deleted Photos on iPhone [2022 Tips]

Whether you want to recover permanently deleted photos on iPhone with or without a backup, you will find a solution to get back your deleted photos on the iPhone.

Jean   |   Aug 30, 2022

[Fixed] Laptop Screen Black but Still Running of HP, Lenovo, Asus, Dell

Laptop screen black but still running in your HP, Acer, Dell, Lenovo, or Asus? Go through this page for an ultimate guide to resolve my laptop screen goes black but still running or laptop screen not turning on issue. Meanwhile, use EaseUS bootable data recovery software to fix the laptop black screen without data loss.

Jean   |   Aug 30, 2022

How to Recover Deleted Photos After Deleting from Recently Deleted

Whether you want to get photos back from recently deleted or recover deleted photos after deleting from the Recently deleted folder, you will know how to do it from the details below.

Jean   |   Aug 30, 2022

How to Convert RAW to NTFS Without Losing Data [2022 Solutions]

This page shows you how to convert Raw to NTFS without losing any data step by step. An effective method is ready to help you recover files from the RAW partition and convert Raw to NTFS by formatting or using CMD on Windows 10/8/7.

Jean   |   Aug 26, 2022

Recover Cropped Image| How to Revert Edited Photo to Original

Can a cropped photo be uncropped? Or how to revert edited photo to original online? If you have accidentally overedited a vital image and want to get original image from edited image, you can find solutions here. You can learn how to revert edited photo to original on PC, Mac, and iPhone.

Jean   |   Aug 26, 2022

Fix Nothing Happens When Plug in USB Flash Drive in Windows

If nothing happens when plug in your USB flash drive through the USB port on a Windows PC/laptop, you need professional help. This article provides you with easy and clear steps to make your computer recognize the USB device properly.

Jean   |   Aug 26, 2022

How to Recover Files After Factory Reset Windows 10/11

How to recover files after factory reset Windows 10? You can recover files after factory reset on Windows 10 or Windows 11 by using professional data recovery software or Windows backup.

Jean   |   Aug 26, 2022

Accidentally Closed Word Without Saving in MS Word 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016

When you accidentally closed Word without saving, don't worry. Microsoft Office allows you to restore the unsaved Word 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016 documents from Recent Documents, Manage Version and Temporary Files. For the lost or deleted Word files, let EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard help with a few simple clicks.

Jean   |   Aug 26, 2022

Windows 10 Won't Update with/Without Sending Errors - (20+) Tips

This article revolves around the solutions to the trending issue 'Windows 10 will not update', including Windows 10 failed to update to 20H2/21H1, Windows 10 update not downloading or installing, getting Windows 10 update stuck at some perentages.

Jean   |   Aug 26, 2022

Best Get Data Back Full Version Crack Alternative Free Download in 2022

Download best alternative software to replace Get Data Back full version crack and let the NTFS, FAT, FAT32, exFAT, EXT recovery software to get data back from all drives, USB memory stick and memory card.

Jean   |   Aug 26, 2022

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