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Here's What to Do With Unallocated Space on SSD After Cloning

Jean updated on Nov 12, 2020 Partition Manager | How-to Articles

How to Use Unallocated Space After Cloning to A Larger HDD/SSD

how to use unallocated space on ssd after cloning

If you have unallocated space right behind the cloned partition, then use Disk Management.

  1. 1. Right-click the nearest partition that next to the unallocated space
  2. 2. Select "Extend Volume". In the pop-up window, you are able to drag the arrow to the end of the box. More information >>

About the Unallocated Space After Cloning

"I see unallocated space after cloning a smaller HDD to a larger one. What's the matter? I feel so sure that there is no such unallocated space on the source disk. By the way, it's EaseUS disk clone software that I use."

Unallocated space after disk cloning issue is common, for whatever disk cloning software you were using. So, the questions about the unwelcome unallocated space are coming to various computer forums. People feel uncertain about where it was brought and how to get rid of the empty space that seems to be quite useless.

First of all, the unallocated space is never useless, it's part of your hard disk and shall put into significant use. Next, the answer to why you got such space is merely because you applied the sector by sector clone function while cloning a hard disk or partition. For example, EaseUS Todo Backup disk clone feature allows you to clone system files and partition tables sector by sector, byte by byte including the bad sectors if there were some. That's how you ended up with an exact copy of the original drive but meanwhile obtain some unallocated space.

How to Make Use of the Unallocated Space on SSD After Cloning

By simply converting the unallocated space to a storage drive partition can save you out of trouble, and make full use of every byte on your cloned hard disk. In fact, if you're the ones who're looking for a piece of easy-to-use software to clone system to HDD/SSD, or upgrade hard drive from the small to large or from the old to new, EaseUS Partition Master is an ideal choice! It supports to edit the unallocated space after clone by merging it to the neighboring partition directly.

Nevertheless, no matter how you cloned the drive in the previous step, as long as you are currently confronted with the unallocated space issue, you can still ask help from EaseUS Partition Master. First, download the free partition manager on your PC, and go through the following two options to deal with the current issue.

Option 1. Create a Partition on Unallocated Space


Step 1: Launch EaseUS Partition Master

On the main window, right-click on the unallocated space on your hard drive or external storage device and select "Create".

Create partition on unallocated space

Step 2: Adjust the new partition size, file system, label, etc.

Set the size, partition label, drive letter, file system, etc. for the new partition and click "OK" to continue.

Set up new partition

Step 3: Confirm to create a new partition

Click on the "Execute Operation" button and confirm to create a new partition by clicking "Apply".

Confirm and keep all changes

Option 2. Add Unallocated Space to An Existing Partition

By extending the existing partition that next to the unallocated space, you can add the unallocated space to your partition and then put it into use. Here are the steps to do it:

Step 1. Right-click the target partition that you want to extend with unallocated space, select "Resize/Move".

resize unallocated space

Step 2. Drag one side of the target partition to the right or left so as to add unallocated space into the current partition.

resize unallocated space 2

With the Resize/Move feature, you can directly add unallocated space to any partition without moving its position at all.

Step 3. Click "OK". Click "Execute Operation", and it will execute the operations to add the unallocated space into the target partition eventually.

resize unallocated space 5

Option 3.  Add Unallocated Space to An Existing Partition with Disk Management

Step 1. Right-click on This PC/My Computer > Click "Manage" > Enter Device Manager and click "Disk Management".

Step 2. Right-click on the target partition and select "Extend Volume".

Step 3. Click "Next" to continue, add the unallocated space to extend the target partition. Click "Next" and "Finish" to complete.

how to expand a hard drive partition after cloning

The alternative way is to create a new simple volume with the unused space. Right-click the space, and select "New Simple Volume". The rest to do is following the wizard.

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