Extend System Drive but Recovery Partition is in the Way Windows 10/8/7

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Cannot extend c drive because of recovery partition

"I just replaced my system drive with a bigger drive. It worked fine, but now I can't extend the partition because the free space is contiguous. I have a System Reserved (350MB), C-Drive/healthy/boot/etc (297GB), Recovery Partition (450MB), Unallocated (167GB). So when I right-click on C drive, expand partition is greyed out. I assume that it's because the unallocated space is not contiguous. I'm running Windows 10. Anyone have any idea how I can resolve this and make one single system drive?"

This is a slightly modified thread from Microsoft Community (thread source), and it's not hard for us to find similar posts on other popular forums, with questions like "Cannot extend C drive because of recovery partition", "recovery partition is getting in the way of extending C partition", "Can I delete recovery partition to extend C drive?", and so forth.

From what the Microsoft Community user has outlined, he has a default UEFI/GPT-based hard drive partition layout, including a system partition, System Reserved partition (MSR), Windows C partition, Recovery Partition, in addition, a large chunk of unallocated space. Now he wants to merge the unallocated space to the C drive in Windows 10. He failed because there is a recovery partition in between. Once the C drive and unallocated space are blocked by the recovery partition, the "Extend Volume" option is greyed out, becoming no available to use at the moment. The situation can happen to Windows 10, 8, 7 and any other Windows versions, Virtual machines, and VMware.

default partition layout

Can you delete the recovery partition to extend the C drive?

Then you might ask, what if I remove the recovery partition? We don't suggest you do that because it's not worth the risk. It's uncontroversial for two reasons.

1. The recovery partition is the last straw for restoring a crashed computer

You should see that the recovery partition (Lenovo, Dell or HP recovery partition is also called OEM partition) is without a drive letter nor any executable functions on it. It's well protected by system suppliers for you to use a simple click to delete it off from the system hard drive. Regarding it's a partition that contains essential system backup and restoration files, users need to depend on the recovery partition to factory restore a Windows computer after an expected failure or likewise accidents.

2. Third-party software can perfectly extend system C drive blocked by recovery partition

EaseUS Partition Master is reputable as a Resize/Move partition magic software for quite a few years, and many of you should've heard of it when choosing a Windows Disk Management alternative. No matter it's a recovery partition in the middle or any other data partitions, it doesn't matter. You can easily increase an existing partition with non-adjacent unallocated space without affecting others at all.

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How to extend C drive across recovery partition without deleting

The "Resize/Move" is the primary function of EaseUS Partition Master, and it's been optimizing all the while to give our users the best experience. Besides the simple and direct operation, the partition manager software outstrips its rivals by resolving the key technical problems with the following two breakthroughs.

1. Merge non-adjacent unallocated space to C drive

This is exactly the same case with "cannot extend system drive because of recovery partition is in the way". Windows Disk Management couldn't handle noncontinuous partitions. Users have to extend one partition by means of deleting other involved partitions, which causes a total data loss. Whereas using the third-party software doesn't have to do that. As long as there is unallocated space, no matter where it's placed, you don't need to move its space at all. 

2. Extend an existing partition without creating an unallocated space

The other one more superior part is, even there is no allocated space available at the moment, the software will not ask you to create some unallocated space by shrinking from other volumes, you simply use the "Allocate Space" option to transfer free space from one partition to the other, like from D to C, from E to C, etc.

It's easy to understand and operate EaseUS Partition Master to merge free space to the C drive even blocked by the recovery partition. A few brisk mouse clicks should have done that.

Step 1. Locate the Target Partition

To start extending partition, you should first launch EaseUS Partition Master and locate the target partition which you would like to extend.

Step 2. Extend the Target Partition

1. Right-click on the target partition which you would like to extend and select "Resize/Move".

Select target partition to extend

2. Drag the partition panel rightward or leftward to add unallocated space into your current partition and click "OK" to confirm.

choose another drive to allocate space

3. If there is no or not enough unallocated space on your disk, use the advanced partition resizing function to directly allocate free space from other partitions to the target drive without deleting or formatting.

Find the "Allocate XX space from" option, then click "Select partition". Choose the partition from which you want to allocate space. Drag the partition panel rightward or leftward to resize the partition you want to extend. Then click "OK" to confirm.

choose another drive to allocate space

Step 3. Execute Operations to Extend Partition

Click the "Execute Operation" button and click "Apply" to keep all the changes. 

finish extending partition
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose EaseUS Partition Master?

"I've used Partition Master Professional many times to create, delete, format, move, rename, and resize partitions."PCWorld

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Will the "Migrate OS" feature transfer the Windows system files only or the whole C drive?

To ensure that the migrated system will boot normally, the Migrate OS feature will transfer all the files in the system and the boot partitions. Generally, the boot partition is the C drive so the transfer will include all the files in C.

Does EaseUS Partition Master license apply to multiple computers?

The license of Partition Master Professional and Server editions can be used on 1 computer only, while that for for the Technician and Unlimited editions can be used on multiple machines.

What is the difference between EaseUS Partition Master Trial version and the Free version?

Free is for home users only, with most basic functions available such as partition resize and clone. While trial can help you understand how this product works and test what a full license can do on a business or server OS machine.

Will it cause any data loss after resizing the partition in EaseUS Partition Master?

Generally, it will not cause any data loss or boot issue by resizing a partition. However, in order to protect your data, we suggest that you backup the partition before resizing, in case of any unexpected situations such as power outages, computer hardware failures, etc. You can use EaseUS Todo Backup to backup the partition and its trial version is fully functioned for 30 days.

What should I prepare before resizing the partition?

On the partition that is going to be operated, there might be some files being occupied by other programs. To ensure a successful operation, we suggest that you close all the unnecessary software before resizing that partition. Otherwise, EaseUS Partition Master will detect the partition being locked by the other software and require a reboot to resize the partition under boot mode.

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