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[Solved] Transcend USB Pen Drive Not Detected/Not Working

When your Transcend USB flash drive is not detected/recognized or Transcend USB pen drive is not working properly in Windows 10,8,7, don't worry. You can use free Transcend USB pen drive repair tool - JetFlash Online Recovery with EaseUS data recovery software to troubleshoot the problem, making Transcend USB pen drive work without losing data.

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"Last night, I transferred some data files from my Transcend 8GB pen drive to the other drive by using cut + paste. Meanwhile, after that, I got an error message. I could not access to my pen drive.

Then I re-plug it to the computer, the light blinked but the drive was not detected. And I got a message, saying that 'please insert a disk into a removable drive G'. How can I repair it?"

When your Transcend USB flash drive is not detected/recognized or Transcend USB pen drive is not working properly in Windows 10,8,7, don't worry. Now, you can fix this error without losing data by using a Transcend USB repair tool - Jetflash Online Recovery and EaseUS data recovery software.

Follow and see how to make your USB work again and restore all valuable data in the following two parts.

Part 1. Make USB Reusable with Transcend USB Pen Drive Repair Tool

For Transcend USB pen drive users, who are facing USB not detected nor working issue, can turn to Transcend USB repair tool - JetFlash Online Recovery to troubleshoot the problem. 

It's developed by Transcend which is designed to fix the "Transcend JetFlash USB flash drive not working or not detected" issue on Windows PC, by means of restoring the malfunctioning flash drive to its factory default settings.

As JetFlash Online Recovery is not an EaseUS product, you need to download it from its official site: https://www.transcend-info.com/Support/Software-3/.

1. JetFlash Online Recovery will DELETE all stored data on the Transcend flash drive during the repairing process.
Therefore, back up valuable data in advance. 
2. If you can't access Transcend USB, repair it first with JetFlash Online Recovery.
Then go to Part 2 and apply EaseUS file recovery software to restore your lost valuable files.  
3. To avoid unnecessary data loss, always remember to create a backup of valuable files to another storage device.

Guide: repair Transcend USB flash drive with JetFlash Online Recovery 

Step 1: Connect Transcend USB flash drive to your PC and launch this Transcend repair tool - OnLineRecovery.exe.

Step 2: Connect your computer to the internet, let the program check your USB and click "OK" to confirm.

Step 3: Choose the repair mode: Repair drive & erase all data or Repair drive & keep existing data.

  • To troubleshoot the "Transcend USB flash drive not working or detected" problem, only erasing all data can help. 
  • So, choose "Repair drive & erase all data" and click "Start". 
  • Your saved files on Transcend USB flash drive will be permanently deleted by then.
  • Repair undetectable Transcend USB pen drive.

Step 4: Wait patiently until the repairing process completes. Click "Exit" to finish the process and unplug the device.

Now, re-plug your Transcend USB flash drive back to the computer. Windows will immediately detect your drive once it's connected.

If Transcend USB repair tool - JetFlash OnLine Recovery fails to repair the not working USB, you can refer to USB not showing up for more detail assistance.

Don't worry if your documents, music, pictures or applications on the drive have been removed by JetFlash Online Recovery.

In the next part, you'll find reliable file recovery software provided by EaseUS to fully restore the lost files on USB.

Part 2. Recover Transcend USB Lost Files with EaseUS File Recovery Software

Most users indeed can do nothing to avoid file loss while fixing Transcend USB flash drive and pen drive not detected and not working error with JetFlash Online Recovery. The best way should be backing up data before trying to repair. 

But if you are unable to access the undetectable USB to back up files, don't panic. First, refer to Part 1 for a detailed guide to repair the undetectable USB. Next, apply reliableEaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for help.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard supports to recover data from Transcend memory card, USB flash drive, pen drive, etc. due to formatting, deletion, virus infection, etc. in only 3 steps.

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Guide: Recover Transcend flash drive data with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Step 1. Run USB Data Recovery Software

Connect the USB drive or pen drive to your computer and launch EaseUS USB data recovery software on your PC. Select the drive which is labeled as a External drives, and click "Scan" to start looking for lost files.

Select USB/pen drive to scan and find lost files

Step 2. Scan and Search Lost Files on a USB Drive

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will thoroughly scan your USB flash drive/pen drive and find all your lost data on it. When the scan process completes, use the Filter feature to find wanted files.

Scan USB flash drive/pen drive to find lost files

Step 3. Restore All Lost Files from USB

A double-click will allow you to preview the files. Select the target files to restore and click "Recover" to save them to a secure location on your PC or other external storage devices.

Restore lost USB/pen drive data

Check Video tutorial to fix USB not detected:

Knowing ways to repair not working or undetectable Transcend USB pen drive is not the best way for data protection. Here we have some more practical tips to help you protect files and data on your Transcend USB flash drive, pen drive:

1. Back up valuable files regularly

With a backup, you can always survive when data loss issues occur or your Transcend USB pen drive becomes undetectable or even stop working. To do so, we'd like to suggest you back up files to another external hard drive or USB with reliable file backup software. 

EaseUS Todo Backup with its File Backup feature enables you to fully back up desired files at one time in only three steps. This will save your time and storage space on the target device.

Step 1. Start with selecting the backup contents.

create disk backup step1

Step 2. There are four backup categories, File, Disk, OS, and Mail, click Disk.

create disk backup step2

Step 3. It is available to back up a whole disk or a certain partition. Choose the one you need and click OK.

disk partition backup

Step 4.  Select the destination where you want to save the backup.

select a backup target location

Step 5. For disk/partition backup, you can choose to save the backup to local drive or to NAS.

Disk backup step5

Step 6. After the backup process is completed, your task will be displayed at the left. Right-click any one of the task, you can further manage your backup such as recover it, create incremental backup, etc.

Disk backup step6

2. Check and repair existing error regularly

When the USB pen drive contains internal file system errors or other unknown issues, you'll not be able to use it. Use Disk Error Checking tool to check and repair internal errors regularly is also necessary:

Step 1: Connect USB to PC, open File Explorer and right-click on the USB.

Step 2: Click on "Properties", go to the Tools tab.

Step 3: Click on the Check button under the Error checking section.

  • It will scan the drive and repair it if errors were found. 
  • check disk errors in Windows 10 drive tool in Propertities

3. Clean up virus with antivirus software

Virus infection will also cause the storage devices not working issue. Use antivirus software to clean up virus and malware is also important.

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