How to Transfer Files from Computer to Original Xbox

You plan to softmod your Xbox One/Xbox 360 game console and wish to directly transfer files from computer to original Xbox hard drive with the simplest yet fastest way of PC to Xbox transfer, so here it is.

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How Can I Transfer Files From My Computer to My Xbox Hard Drive

"I am trying to softmod my original Xbox, but I need a way to transfer the game saves from my computer to my Xbox. Those are all large files, so I was wondering if I could take out my Xbox hard drive and connect it to my PC and move files into it with any file transfer program. I read some tutorials on Xbox forums, but they are too hard for me. Perhaps is there any simple way to do this?"

No. You can not take out the Xbox hard drive and connect to your PC because your computer can not recognize the hard drive letter of Xbox.

Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
Method 1: Set up file sharing from pc to Xbox via Air Transfery Download Air Transfery...Full steps
Method 2. Transfer files from a computer to Xbox via network/FTP Connect PC and Xbox with crossover cable > Set FTP...Full steps
Method 3. Transfer Files, Applications, and Accounts together from Computer to Another Devices Launch EaseUS Todo PCTrans > Choose transfer mode...Full steps

If you want to try PC-to-PC transfer, use EaseUS Todo PCTrans to help. This tool allows you to transfer Xbox files from a PC to another PC or a hard drive to another hard drive with simple clicks. 

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Two Popular Ways of PC to Xbox File Transfer

Microsoft Xbox has a large number of customers, from teenagers to the elderly, who are very into playing thrilling games. One of the most considerable demands of playing games on the Xbox game console is for importing games from other sources, especially the downloaded games or game saves on a computer or laptop.

Also, many Xbox users are used to soft mod their original Xbox to customize their game consoles, and they request an easy way of PC to original Xbox file transfer.

In general, there are two simple methods to manage games and files across a computer and the original game console.

Method 1: Set Up File Sharing From PC to Xbox via Air Transfery

With the Air Transfery, you can receive files from your computer to your Xbox devices. It is available on Xbox One, PC, mobile devices, etc. Download this app on your computer and Xbox, and wait for device pairing. Both devices must connect to the same network.

air transfery

Share this method with a detailed guide to let more users know how to use Air Transfery to transfer Xbox files.


Method 2. Transfer files from a computer to Xbox via network/FTP

How to Transfer Files from Computer to Original Xbox 

Step 1: Connect PC and Xbox with Crossover cable.

Step 2: Setting up FTP with DHCP enabled on ROUTER or PC.

1. Open PC/ROUTER.

2. Open Xbox. (Make sure you have your dashboard network settings to STATIC = NO *only evox dash.)

3. Check activity lights on both network cards.

4. Check the IP address in your dashboard settings and then connect it.

After these settings, you can transfer files from your PC to Xbox.

You can also watch YouTube Videos to solve the problem.

(Author: Array_J Title:Tutorial: FTP to your Xbox - 2016)

Method 2 can be found on Xbox-related forums. Many people find it's so difficult to connect network/FTP Xbox to the computer. And the IP address always has problems with incorrect detection. If you want to know more details, you can click ftp to Xbox to explore further.

The methods we mentioned above are focused on transferring files from the computer to the original Xbox. Besides the file transfer between Xbox and PC, you may also have a need to move files or other data from PC to PC. Regarding this demand, you can download EaseUS Todo PCTrans to transfer applications or accounts to another device. 

Transfer Files, Applications, and Accounts together from one Computer to Another Devices

EaseUS Todo PCTrans Free is the top-recommended Windows easy transfer software by professionals and experienced users. It's free for files, and applications transfer across many platforms in the way of the network and wireless transfer from a PC to an external storage device, such as how to transfer programs to the external hard drive.

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Here, we introduce the PC-to-PC mode of EaseUS Todo PCTrans Free, including transferring applications, files, and accounts to another PC.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo PCTrans on your source and target computers, connect both PCs via the internet.

1. At the "PC to PC" section, choose the transfer direction and click "Start" to continue. 


2. Select your target computer via its device name, then enter its account password or verification code. Then click "Connect" to continue.

You can check the verification code on the right top of "PC to PC" mainscreen on the target computer.

connect the two pcs

Step 2. Select the categories Applications, Files, and Accounts to transfer via the internet.

If you want to transfer data selectively, click "Edit" under each category, and choose the specific items.

select applications, files or accounts

Step 3. Click "Transfer" to start transferring your apps/files/accounts from one computer to another computer via the Internet.

transfer applications, files or accounts via internet

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How to Transfer Files from Computer to Original Xbox

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