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How to Repair Invalid Dynamic Disk With Ease

Updated on Dec 06, 2018 by Jean to Partition Master

Dynamic disk invalid? How to repair invalid dynamic disk without data loss or how to convert dynamic disk that is invalid to a basic disk? Windows disk management tool is a simple and direct way to fix invalid dynamic disk error in Windows 10/8/7 without destroying data.

What's Invalid Dynamic Disk

Do you see invalid dynamic disk error someday when you finished installing a new Windows OS on an HDD or SSD? It's weird. Now you may wonder which step went wrong.

When your disk 1, disk 2 or disk 0 is a dynamic disk, and suddenly it shows as invalid in Disk Management, there are tons of reasons that will cause the error. It can be a bad sector, something wrong on the drive, bad SATA cable or virus and malware. However, the typical reason is from the Windows incompatibility issue.

invalid dynamic disk

How to Repair Invalid Dynamic Disk

Windows operating system, especially all Home Editions of Windows 10, 8, 7 XP or Vista are not supported to install on a dynamic disk. To correct invalid dynamic disk error, you can convert dynamic disk to basic disk.

How to Convert a Dynamic Disk (Invalid) to a Basic Disk with Disk Management (compmgmt.msc)

Only one important warning you must pay extra attention. The built-in Disk Management tool is free to use, however, only deleting the disk first can you change the dynamic disk to a basic. That is to say, all data and system files on the dynamic disk will be completely erased.

Step 1. Access Disk Management.

Step 2. Next, locate and right-click on the invalid dynamic disk.

Step 3. After that, from the right clicking menu, select "Convert to Basic Disk".