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How to Recover Illustrator File After Crash?

Updated on Mar 15, 2018 by Jean to Resource


This article provides the best Adobe file recovery software to help you recover lost Illustrator files after crashing. Free download the best Illustrator file recovery software and follow offered method here to recover Illustrator files after crash with simple clicks now.

"I use Illustrator CC, and now have a problem. My questions are here. How and where do I recover Illustrator file after Illustrator CC crashed while I was working on it? Where Do I set the autosave options in case that one day I'd lose a file again?"

Adobe Illustrator Crash Problem

While working with Illustrator, sometimes, the editor crashes. That's mainly caused by its autosave feature. You may ask, why? When data recovery is turned on, Illustrator may pause while backing up large or complex files. If the backup went wrong, it makes Illustrator halt, hang, and then crash.

And the Illustrator file you were editing will be gone, apparently. Most of the time, it takes quite long to accomplish a vector design, 3-D rendering and perspective drawing of an Illustrator file. Nobody would bear the loss without a save.

Change data recovery settings to fix Illustrator crash problem

  • Go to Preferences -> File Handling & Clipboard -> Data Recovery.
  • Select checkbox "Automatically Save Recovery Data Every" to turn on data recovery;
  • Set time interval "xx minutes" to automatically save a file;
  • Choose a location for where Illustrator stores backup files;
  • Select checkbox "Turn off Data Recovery for complex documents" to prevent your workflow from being interrupted and Illustrator being crashed.

Illustrator data recovery preferences

Recover Illustrator File by Auto Recovery or EaseUS File Recovery Software

Fortunately, there are still ways to retrieve a lost Illustrator file after the crash. You may either try to recover the lost file from backups or use the best Adobe file recovery software do the recovery. Hope at least one of them would help save your work on Illustrator with success.

Method 1. Restore Illustrator file from backup files

By default, the backup files are usually stored in Windows C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator [your version of Adobe Illustrator] Settings\en_US\AIPrefs;

Step 1. Open the Preferences file in a plain text editor such as Notepad;

Step 2. Locate the following section of text in the Preferences file that is now open in your text editor: /aiFileFormat {/PDFCompatibility 1enableATEReadRecovery 0 /enableContentRecovery 0/enableATEWriteRecovery 0/clipboardPSLevel 3}

Step 3. Change the "enableContentRecovery" value from "0" to "1". If you do not find an "enableContentRecovery" configuration entry in the "/aiFileFormat" section, add "/enableContentRecovery 1".

Step 4. Save the file without changing the name or adding an extension to the filename.

Method 2. Restore Illustrator file by using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

You may find yourself having difficulty in applying the first method. It's more than complicated for an ordinary user, to be frankly. So here's an alternative, let data recovery software to find the backup file for you, by which you won't suffer pain at all.

If you can't locate the backup files, for it's hidden or lost or deleted, EaseUS file recovery software would quickly find them out by three steps. Note that you can only recover a previous version of the lost Illustrator file, as Illustrator Data Recovery is not absolute. There could be a loss of data if a crash happens between recovery intervals.

recover Illustrator file with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Step 1. Download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Launch it, choose the hard drive where the backup files stored and click "Scan"

Step 2. The software will start a quick scan first. After the quick scan completes, a deep scan will automatically launch in order to find more files.

Step 3. After the scan is complete, the files that were found will be displayed in categories. You can preview the Illustrator file quality first, and then click "Recover".