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How to Recover Unsaved/Deleted Quicktime Recordings

Updated on Dec 13, 2017 by Jean to Mac File Recovery


This how-to guide offers full solutions for Mac users to recover unsaved Quicktime recordings from temp files and recover deleted Quicktime videos and audios with third-party Mac data recovery software.

Trying to recover Quicktime recording!

This post is selected from official Apple Support Communities. A user is asking help for a solution to recover his Quicktime recordings.

"Took a screen recording with Quicktime on Mac but didn't save it before stopping record. Is there any way to recover unsaved Quicktime recordings?"

How to Recover Unsaved Quicktime Recordings?

Your hard working on recording and capturing screen on Mac usually get lost midway while it is still continuing with the Quicktime app. For example, a sudden power off, Quicktime crash, Quicktime window shut down unexpectedly. All these incidents will cause Quicktime recordings unfinished and unsaved. How to get back your work though it is not properly preserved?

Guide: Recover Quicktime recordings from autosave

Step 1. Go to /Users/[your user name]/Library/Containers/com.apple.QuickTimePlayerX/Data/Library/Autosave Information.

Step 2. Click in and find a bundle named Unsaved QuickTime Player Document.qtpxcomposition. Right-click on the .qtpxcomposition file and there you can see the .m4a audio recording.

How to Recover Deleted QuickTime Recordings?

If you just accidentally deleted a finished video or audio files on QuickTime, it's easy to perform the recovery. EaseUS Mac data recovery can help automatically restore any type of files lost on Mac easily.

Download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac, and follow the 3-step guide to recover deleted Quicktime videos:

Step 1. Select the location where your important data & files were deleted and click the "Scan" button.

select the location where data was deleted and click scan

Step 2. The software will run both quick scan and deep scan and work hard to find as many deleted files as possible on the selected volume.

scan the selected disk to find deleted files on your Mac

Step 3. The scan results will be displayed in the left pane. Just select the file(s) and click the "Recover Now" button to get them back.

click recover now button to recover deleted files on your Mac