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Are you wondering what is S Mode in Windows 11? There is no need to worry because we have your back! This article brings all the necessary details you need to know about S Mode in Windows!

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Updated on Mar 15, 2024

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Enter S Mode in Windows 11 Launch Control Panel on your Windows 11 PC, access the System icon; click on the about windows option...Full steps
Quit S Mode in Windows 11 go to Settings; in the left pane, click the System Tab and after that select the About item in the right panel...Full steps

Microsoft's Windows 10 S Mode has been around for some time now, providing an essential and safe customer experience to entry-level users on a wide range of budget PCs. The S Mode has returned to Windows 11 Home, bringing more security, performance, and a familiar user experience. The S mode will let Windows 11 users install apps from the Microsoft Store only and allow a safe browsing experience.  

However, many Windows 11 users are still unaware of its S mode. So, if you are wondering What's S Mode is in Windows 11, look no further. In this article, you'll find everything about S mode in Windows 11, i.e., what it is, and how to turn it off/on. Let's get started!

s mode in windows 11

What's S Mode in Windows 11

The Windows operating system's S Mode was first introduced in Windows 10 as Windows 10 S. Designed with low-power devices in mind, Windows S Mode ensures that less expensive workstations maintain their peak performance over time.

Using Windows 11 in S Mode results in a more restricted version of Windows. The Store and Microsoft Edge are the sole options for online browsing and installing applications on Windows 10 in S Mode. However, you can install alternative browsers from the Microsoft Store on Windows 11 in S Mode, but the default browser will always remain Edge.

In Windows 11 S Mode, Microsoft promotes security, speed, and stability as its main selling points. Malware can't operate on Windows since it can only launch applications from the Windows Store. Web apps can't be installed on your computer, so they can't slow down the booting speed or install spyware that lurks in the background.

The S Mode also pushes the Bing search engine.  Without exiting S Mode, you cannot change Edge's default search to Google or otherwise. In Edge, you can still utilize other search engines, such as Google.com, to do your search.

In Microsoft Windows 11 S mode, neither PowerShell, Command Prompt, nor Bash can be used as command-line shells. The use of a wide range of additional development tools is likewise prohibited. No direct access to the Windows Registry is available using Registry Editor.

S Mode provides a more secure environment if all of the applications you wish to use are accessible in the Microsoft Store. S Mode has initially been designed for schools because of this. It allows you to run Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Office, and other Store apps like Apple iTunes and Spotify.

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How to Enter S Mode in Windows 11

Windows 11 S mode ensures that the user connects to the internet and securely surfs the web. Therefore, it only permits the installation of certified applications via the Microsoft Store. If you want to keep your operating system away from malware attacks, or the files downloaded from the internet that can potentially harm your device, you should use Windows 11 in S mode.

The original equipment manufacturer may preinstall Windows 11 Home in S mode on specific devices. If you already have Windows 10 Home in S mode and your PC fulfills the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 11, Windows Update will provide you with a free upgrade to Windows 11 Home in S mode.

However, the essential aspect to note is that you cannot enter into S mode manually. It is a one-way procedure, which means you can switch out of it but cannot enter the S mode on Windows 11. If you're using Windows 11 in S mode, only then choosing to update your version of Windows will result in the preservation of your device's S mode configuration. The most you can do is check whether you're using the Windows 11 in S mode or not. To check that, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Launch Control Panel on your Windows 11 PC.

Step 2: Now, access the System icon.

Step 3: Click on the About Windows option. Your device has entered into Windows S mode if you see Windows 11 Home in S Mode next to the Edition.

windows specifications

Except for using S mode to keep your computer away from malware attacks, you can use anti-virus software like Total AV.


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How to Quit S Mode in Windows 11

Windows 11 in S mode is optimized for security and efficiency and only runs software from the Microsoft Store. To install an application that isn't accessible in the Microsoft Store, you'll have to exit S mode. Windows 11 in S mode is still only accessible in the Home version of Windows 11.

Windows Update will not provide Windows 11 if you already have the Pro, Enterprise, or Education versions of Windows 10 in S mode since S mode is not accessible in those versions of Windows 11. As a result, if you have the Pro, Enterprise, or Education versions of Windows 10 in S mode, you must exit S mode before upgrading to Windows 11.

Now, to quit the S mode in Windows 11, follow these instructions:

Step 1: On your Windows 11 PC, go to Settings.

Step 2: In the left pane, click the System Tab. After that, select the About item in the right panel.

select about

Step 3: Scroll down to the Product key and Activation tab, available under Related Settings on the About page.

select product key and activation

Step 4: Expand the S Mode item on the next screen and hit the Open Store button.

select open store

Step 5: It will lead you to the Switch out of S Mode window in Microsoft Store, and there you need to click the Get button to exit S Mode on your computer. A pop-up will appear once the S mode is turned off.

Note: Once the S mode is exited, you can download software from any website you want.

select get

Should I Use Windows S Mode?

The S mode version of Windows 11 PCs protects the operating system from external threats, malware, and virus. In safeguarding your computer against ransomware, S mode will be the most beneficial.

Remote access malicious software and spyware cannot be downloaded and installed on Windows while in S mode. As a result, your Windows 11 S mode machine is always safe from ransomware attacks.

However, PCs in S Mode can only install applications from the Microsoft Store, it sounds restricted, but that's precisely the goal. Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Office, and any other Microsoft Store apps are all you need on a PC in S Mode if you don't require anything else. S-Mode-capable PCs are well-suited to the needs of students, small-business PCs, and novice users.

However, you'll have to exit S Mode if you require software that isn't in the store. Moreover, you can see how well it performs for you if you use the PC in S Mode for a time. 


Using Windows 11 in S mode might be beneficial for protecting your PC against malware attacks, but it does have some severe drawbacks. After reading this article, we hope you got the relevant information if you weren't aware of What Is S Mode in Windows 11 before. You can turn the S mode off/on according to your needs!

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