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One-click System Clone to HDD/SSD

Posted on Nov 13, 2017 by Jean to Backup Utility

Learn EaseUS clone vs system clone here so that you can perform one-click system clone to HDD/SSD with ease. EaseUS Todo Backup adds a new, smart clone feature in its new version called system clone. It is a one-click done feature that simplifies the process of migrating OS to HDD/SSD without reinstalling Windows operating system.

EaseUS Clone vs System Clone

Customers who downloaded the latest version of EaseUS Todo Backup would benefit a lot from the Windows backup software's newly added feature. It's called "System clone".

What's the special existence of "system clone"? Besides the largely demanded file backup, disk/partition backup and mail backup, EaseUS Todo Backup software's HDD/ SSD to SSD cloning feature helps customers resolve many complex migration affairs, especially when they need to upgrade hard disk from an old to a new, a smaller to a larger or a hard disk drive to a solid state drive, however, strong demand not reinstalling OS.

So, EaseUS Todo Backup offers a smart choice for its users to do system clone, whether they're trying to migrate OS from the original hard drive to a Samsung, Kingston, Seagate, Crucial or SanDisk SSD, they can easily accomplish the job by only one-click.

How to Migrate OS to HDD/SSD, Clone System Drive to HDD/SSD with EaseUS Todo System Clone Feature?

To do system clone on two separate disk partitions, there are some tips that shall raise your attention.

  • If the source disk contains the system partition, please shut down the computer after the clone.
  • To remove either the source disk or destination disk from the computer to make the computer boot normally if the source disk contains boot partition.
  • If you want to boot from the destination disk, we recommend you to replace the source disk with the destination disk.
  • If the computer fails to boot from the destination disk after the clone, we suggest you clone the source disk to another disk with the same HDD interface.
  • If you choose to clone a hidden partition, the cloned one will be unhidden.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup. On the main window, go to "System clone".

easeus todo system clone

Step 2. The software will automatically detect the drive where Windows OS is installed, and select the system drive for you. So, just choose the destination disk you wish to migrate the OS to. Click "Next". 

easeus todo system clone

Step 3. Wait patiently until the cloning process ends.