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Larissa is interested in technical knowledge and likes writing articles. She joined EaseUS and became a member of it several years ago. Before that, she also had a lot of experience writing technical solutions, and she felt that helping people solve problems made her very fulfilling.

Larissa has rich experience in writing technical articles. After joining EaseUS, she frantically learned about data recovery, disk partitioning, data backup, and other related knowledge. Now she is able to master the relevant content proficiently and write effective step-by-step guides on computer issues.
Larissa majored in English and got a bachelor's degree from JL University. She studied hard and got many certificates, including an English translation certificate and a computer technology certificate, during college. She also learned French as a second foreigner. She likes learning new things, which enriches her world.
Larissa is a person who likes to enjoy life. In her spare time, she will learn crafts such as hand knitting and origami paper by herself. In addition, she is also good at making delicious food.

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How to Sync Photos to OneDrive (Ultimate Guide)

You're in the right place if you want to learn how to sync photos to OneDrive. This post will discuss how to do that on iPhone, Windows PC, Android, or Mac. We'll also outline the benefits of syncing your photos to OneDrive. Keep reading to get informed.

Larissa   |   Jun 20, 2024

Boot Device Not Found Hard Disk 3F0 Error on HP [FIXED]

If you facing hard disk 3f0 errors and looking about How to fix hard disk 3F0 errors, this article has it all. We discuss the potential reasons and practical solutions to fix boot device not found hard disk error (3f0) on hp.

Larissa   |   Jun 19, 2024

How to Sync Files and Folders in Real Time on Windows 11/10 🆓

Real-time sync quickly updates the latest changes automatically on other devices and maintains consistency between multiple systems. Are you looking for a way to sync files and folders in real time? This blog will show you how to sync files and folders in real time on Windows with a free sync tool. Keep reading to learn how.

Larissa   |   Jun 19, 2024

Samsung SSD Clone Not Booting - How to Fix 🔥

Are you facing the issue of cloned Samsung SSD not booting? Don't worry; this ultimate guide from EaseUS offers effective solutions to fix it, and we also provide the best Samsung SSD cloning tool, EaseUS Disk Copy, to help you clone an SSD seamlessly.

Larissa   |   Jun 18, 2024

Best Free Backup Software for Windows Server(2024)

Data backup is the ideal solution to escape the risk of loss and piracy of the latter. The information below will help you choose the best free backup software specially designed to back up your Windows Server data. So kindly read the entire blog post and acquire the best solution.

Larissa   |   Jun 18, 2024

Is a SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD 1TB Good for Gaming?

Do you want to know if a 1 TB SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD is suitable for gaming? Find the answer and learn why.

Larissa   |   Jun 14, 2024

How Long Does It Take to Clone a 2 TB Hard Drive?

Cloning a hard drive can work as a backup and disaster recovery solution, but how long does it actually take to clone a 2 TB hard drive? We'll discuss how to clone a 2TB hard drive and how long the process takes.

Larissa   |   Jun 14, 2024

Why Can't I Clone My Hard Drive to SSD?

Cloning a hard drive to an SSD is a great way to improve the performance of your computer. However, it's not always possible to clone a hard drive to an SSD due to various reasons. To understand why this might be the case, keep reading and find your answer here.

Larissa   |   Jun 14, 2024

Is 2TB SSD Enough for Gaming?

Wondering if a 2TB of SSD is enough for gaming? This post will give you an answer and explain why.

Larissa   |   Jun 14, 2024

How to Use Acronis True Image to Clone a Hard Drive

Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office, formerly Acronis Ture Image, is an integrated program that enables its users to clone hard drives, backup disks and partitions, and backup restore, etc. Do you know how to use Acronis Ture Image to clone a hard drive? Keep reading and find your answer here.

Larissa   |   Jun 14, 2024

How Do I Copy Installed Games to My Computer?

Do you know how to copy these installed games to a new computer? This page covers the most direct and labor-saving way to copy games from one disk to a new disk. 

Larissa   |   Jun 14, 2024

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