Is It Possible to Make a Full Image Backup Of an SSD on Windows?

Is there an efficient way to create a full image of the SSD so that if I ever need to restore it, I can simply restore the image? This would imply restoring the exact settings, apps, data, and everything, just as I did with Parallels, but on a regular Windows laptop.

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Larissa· Answered on Jan 05, 2024

Yes, creating a full system image backup of an SSD on Windows is feasible and can be achieved easily with a reliable backup tool, EaseUS Todo Backup.

A full image backup is a compressed file of all data saved on your desktop or laptop, including the operating system, settings, installed programs, configurations, personalizing, etc. With a full image, you can restore your device to its previous state when you encounter boot issues.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free is one of the most popular backup software to assist you in creating a full image backup on Windows 11/10/8/7. With it, you can complete the process with a few simple clicks.

  • Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and click Create Backup.
  • Select OS as the backup source, automatically selecting all system-related files.
  • Choose a location where you want to save the backup.
  • Click Backup Now to start.

If you want to save other files or disks, select file/disk as the backup source and perform as per the above steps.

Moreover, this robust program has many advanced backup features, like scheduled, incremental, differential, compressed, and encrypted backup options. Download and explore these features, and make your backup work more intelligent and convenient.

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