Can you Backup 3DS Game Saves?

I'm a new user who just purchased a new 3DS XL (which I love!). Is it possible to save the games as a file on a PC or something?

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Larissa· Answered on Sep 13, 2023

Nintendo 3DS provides its plates with many joys, and some users may want to back up the game saves on it to prevent accidental data loss or SD card corruption. Although 3DS has a built-in backup function under the HOME menu, it only allows you to save backups within the SD card.

It is feasible to back up 3DS game saves on a PC or other external storage device with professional backup software, EaseUS Todo Backup. It is an excellent SD card/HDD/SSD disk backup program that many users like and enables a smooth 3DS games backup without any data loss. Using it, you just need a few simple clicks to back up a SD card on a Windows PC, cloud services, or other external storage devices, like a hard drive, a USB, or a NAS.

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7

Step 1. Remove the SD card from the device and connect it to the computer.

Step 2. Download and launch EaseUS Todo Backup on your Windows PC.

Step 3. Click Create Backup > Disk > Select the 3DS SD card you just connected and tap OK.

Step 4. Select a target location where you want to save the 3DS game saves, and click Backup Now to start the game saves backing.

When it finishes, you can unplug the SD card, and the backups are stored in the destination place safely.

EaseUS Todo Backup is such a fabulous tool to safeguard your Windows computer from all aspects. After SD card backup, you can utilize it to back up files, create a system image, back up Chrome bookmarks and passwords, back up Outlook emails, etc.

Download and keep your device safe and sound!

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