Helldivers 2 Save File Location on PC/Steam/PS5

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Helldivers 2, or Helldivers II, is an exceptional third-person shooter game designed by Arrowhead Game Studios and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This sequel to the 2015 top-down shooter, Helldivers, has gained immense attention due to its enhanced graphics, intricate levels, and new weaponry.

Like always, it captures players with its intense shooting action. Players enlist as Helldivers, elite soldiers fighting to save humanity from rising alien threats. As you can play this game on different platforms like PC, Steam, or PlayStation 5, you must seek the Helldivers 2 Save file location for your device.

helldivers 2 save file location

This article helps you find your Helldivers 2 Save file and Config file location. It also guides changing the Save file location and backing up these files to safeguard your game data.


Where to Find Helldivers 2 Save File Location on PC/Steam/PS5

To manage your game data for troubleshooting purposes or backing up your progress, it is essential to know about the Helldrivers 2 Save file location. Here is a list of its locations on different devices.

  • 🖥️Windows: The Helldivers 2 players can quickly find their Helldivers 2 Save file location by following this path: C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Arrowhead\Helldivers2\Saves. Everything in this folder is the Save files for your game.
  • 🕹️Steam: For all those playing Helldrives 2 through Steam, the Save files are often in the Steam folder. Go to the Steam > Library > Helldivers 2 > Manage >Browser local files.
  • 🎮PS5: PS5 users can locate their Helldrives 2 Save File by following this path: Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings > Saved Data (PS5) > Cloud Storage.


How to Locate Helldivers 2 Config File Location

To enhance your gameplay experience further, looking for the Helldrives 2 Cong File location is crucial. This file allows users to customize their game settings beyond the in-game options.

  • 1️⃣The Helldivers 2 Config file on PC is usually available on the same path as the Save File, C:\Users\[Your Username]\AppData\Roaming\Arrowhead\Helldivers2\Saves. However, this location may vary slightly depending on your operating system or if you have any custom installation path.
  • 2️⃣But do you need the Config that helps you change the settings of the Helldivers 2 game? In that case, search for the "user_settings" file in the ".CONFIG" format. You can quickly edit this file with the text editor.


Backup Helldivers 2 Save Files to Safeguard Game Data

No doubt, keeping your Helldivers 2 Save files locally is essential, especially before making any changes in its file locations, to cope with data loss due to game updates, hardware failures, or accidental deletions. Although various software are available to back up your game files, EaseUS Todo Backup is a leading solution for its easy-to-use and reliable File Backup feature. You can use it to entirely back up the game saves without any hassle.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and click Create Backup.

Step 2. Click Select backup contents> File options, and choose the saves folder to back up according to the game file location.

select file backup

Step 3. Hit the Options> Backup Scheme buttons to set your own backup cycle with incremental backup type.

set backup scheme

Step 4. Select a backup stored path from a local drive, EaseUS free cloud, Nas, or Security Zone. Then click the "Backup now" button to start the backup job now.

start backup now

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