Should I Install Steam Game on External Hard Drive?

Hi, everyone. Should I install and put my Steam games data on an external hard drive? I am worried that the game can't work smoothly while its data is saved on the external hard drive. But I would like to save Steam games on an external hard drive so I can take them anywhere. Is it possible? If yes, do you know how to?

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Larissa· Answered on Dec 20, 2023

Installing Steam games on an external hard drive is feasible, and has the following benefits:

  • Save storage space

Game data usually takes up a lot of storage space. If you store them on an external hard drive, it will free up more space for other applications and settings.

  • Convenient and portable

Saving game data and settings on an external hard drive allows you to take it anywhere you want. Just plug it into a computer, and the machine will automatically load up the game data, and you can play games on it. 

So, you can install and put Steam games on an eternal hard drive to fully enjoy its convenience. To do it, just follow the steps below:

  • Connect an external hard drive to your computer.
  • Launch Steam > Settings > Downloads - steam library folder - add library folder.
  • Add the external hard drive as a library.
  • Locate the game your want to put into the external hard drive and right-click it.
  • Properties > local file > move install.
  • Choose the external hard drive as the storage location.

Installing Steam game data does offer great convenience, but your game data are not absolutely safe on an external hard drive. So, backing up game saves is necessary and important to prevent hard drive loss or corruption.

EaseUS Todo Backup is an excellent Steam game backup tool that can help back up and restore game saves quickly and easily. It is an intelligent backup tool, and you can set a scheduled backup plan to avoid manual operation. 

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