Reinstall Hogwarts Legacy Will I Lose All My Progress?

I was playing Hogwarts Legacy recently, but my computer suddenly broke down, so I have changed to a new one. My question is, if I reinstall the game on my new computer, will my previous saves still exist?

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Rel· Answered on Nov 17, 2023

Hi there, you will not lose your game progress if you reinstall Hogwarts legacy.

Steam provides automatic cloud synchronization for Hogwarts Legacy and can save copies of your game saves on a dedicated server. You need to download Steam on your new computer and reinstall Hogwarts Legacy. After that, click the sync button on the homepage of Hogwarts Legacy, and you can continue your magical journey according to the previous game progress.

After solving your question, to avoid similar problems in the future, there are two points you need to pay attention to.

No 1. The location of the Hogwarts Legacy saves is not the same as the game file.

Therefore, if you need to uninstall Hogwarts Legacy later, only game files will be deleted, and your save files will not be affected in any way.

No 2. Back up game saves regularly to avoid losing game saves due to unexpected situations. 

For role-playing games like Hogwarts Legacy, the security of archives is crucial. I recommend using practical backup software such as EaseUS Todo Backup Home to regularly back up your game saves.

You can set a backup plan based on how often you play the game. EaseUS Todo Backup will automatically back up your game saves based on your settings. You can also choose to store the saves on a hard disk, in a third-party platform, or in the cloud space provided free of charge by EaseUS Todo Backup. Once your computer encounters any data risk, you can quickly recover your data using EaseUS.

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