How Do I Backup Steam Games If I Am Factory Resetting My PC

As my title says, due to some system problems, I need to factory my PC to fix it. But I know after resetting, all my Steam games files will disappear. So how do I back up my Steam games?

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Factory resetting your PC will erase all your personal data, so it's really necessary to back up Steam games. But before you move, you need to determine what type of game files you want to back up.

Game files contain local files that are responsible for running the game, save files that record the game progress, config files, custom content, etc. The most important of them are local files and game save files.

Backing up the local files of Steam games can help you save time by fixing the trouble of re-downloading the games after resetting. Backup game save files, on the other hand, allows you to load your previous game progress.

There are 3 ways to back up Steam games.

?Method 1. Manual Backup

You should head to the game files location and then copy manually. This method requires manual work, and the efficiency is low.

?Method 2. Using Steam Backup and Restore Function.

This function will help you back up or restore your game files, but only the local files. It means, if you use this method to back up a game, you can play the game directly after your computer resets and restores the data, but you will lose all game progress as well as your personal data.

?Method 3. Using EaseUS Todo Backup Home

EaseUS Todo Backup Home is by far the best professional backup tool for gamers. No matter what kind of game files you want to back up, EaseUS will complete the task of backing up all your Steam games in a very short time. 

In case you don't have an external hard drive, you can even save all your data copies in the 250GB of cloud space it provides for free.

In addition to game files, since factory resetting your PC will cost you everything, you can also use EaseUS to back up your system, disk, or even your entire computer data.

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