How Can I Clone an M.2 Drive to Another with One Slot No Adapter?

The M.2 SSD I'm using now is too full to store more data. I bought a new larger M.2 SSD and need to clone the previous data to the new one. The fact is that the computer only has one M.2 SSD slot, and I don't have an adapter. Can I clone my old M.2 SSD to the new one in this situation? Do you have a good solution?

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Larissa· Answered on Dec 22, 2022

Only one way is available if you want to clone an M.2 drive to another with one slot and no adapter:

Using a bootable cloning tool to create an old M.2 drive image on a bootable USB drive. Then replace the old M.2 drive with the new one, and restore the drive image to the new M.2 SSD. 

This process involves creating a drive image of the old M.2 SSD and restoring it to the new one. But you will need a bootable cloning tool and an external storage device, such as a USB thumb drive, to make this possible.

To clone your M.2 drive with only one slot and no adapter, you can use the professional disk and system cloning tool from EaseUS. EaseUS Todo Backup can create a drive image of your old M.2 SSD, save it to a USB drive, then replace the old M.2 drive with your new one and restore the drive image to the new one. It can also clone different-sized M.2 SSDs between each other, so even if you have a smaller old M.2 drive and a larger new M.2 drive, EaseUS Todo Backup can still clone them successfully without any data loss or damage. 

If you have an adapter that can connect your M.2 SSD to the computer, there is no need to create a disk image or restore it, use EaseUS Todo Backup to clone the disk directly.

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