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Hello! I was trying to back up and restore my Chrome settings, but I have no idea how to deal with it. I searched everywhere, and they just told me that Chrome syncs automatically. So, how do I do it manually?

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Larissa· Answered on Sep 13, 2023

Though it is relatively easy to back up and restore your Chrome settings with its built-in backup tool, it takes a lot of time to solve it. Here, we have a more effective and safer alternative backup tool to help you with the process. EaseUS Todo Backup is a powerful and professional backup solution with which you can finish your backup process in a few steps.

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Now, let's see how simple it is to back up Chrome settings with EaseUS Todo Backup:

The Google Chrome settings and User Data are all stored on your computer by default: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\

Step 1. Start Chrome data backup by clicking Create Backup and then clicking Apps data.

Step 2. Once in the apps data backup section, look for the Chrome section, where you can back up browser history, bookmarks, passwords, extensions, and cookies.

Step 3. Click OK once you've made your final decision.

Step 4. Choose a backup site to retain the crucial Chrome data backup. 

Download now and try it with the instructions below. EaseUS Todo Backup won't let you down!

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