Is There a Backup and Restore Games Option on the Deck?

Hello, I just wanted to ask you a brief inquiry. I'm about to buy my Steam Deck and was wondering if I could download and then back up a bunch of games to an external storage unit (NFTS) before installing them on the deck. Is it possible to Backup and Restore Games? Or will it be a PC-to-Linux conversion, and the files will be incorrect? Would it be better to download the games from the deck?

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Larissa· Answered on Aug 13, 2023

There is a desktop program that allows you to save games downloaded from your PC to an external storage device and subsequently restore them to your Steam Deck. However, according to some user complaints, the backup and restore tool on Steam Deck works rather slowly, taking a long time to complete the procedure. 

As a result, it is recommended that you copy the game folder from SteamApps and then paste it into the appropriate location on Deck. This method saves time while not destroying the games on your Deck. After pasting, it will scan existing files before completing the game download and verification. Most games on the Deck use the same Windows files and run them with Proton.

You must use a trusted tool to complete the process of copying your game folders and files to ensure that your data is not destroyed. The game files usually take up large storage space, and it is necessary to use professional tools. EaseUS Todo Backup is a free professional backup and restore software that is simple to use. It simply takes a few clicks to save your files and folders to an external hard drive.

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7

  • Connect an external hard drive to your computer.
  • Install and launch EaseUS Tod Backup on your Windows laptop or computer.
  • Click Create Backup > File
  • Locate the folder where you put the game data and choose it, then click Next.
  • Select the external hard drive as the backup location.
  • Click Backup Now to start.

When the backup process finishes, you can unplug the external hard drive and restore your game files to your Deck successfully.

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