How Can I Transfer My Bookmarks Saved in Mozilla Firefox from One Computer to Another?

Mozilla Firefox is my default browser, and I save these frequently used pages as bookmarks. I bought a new computer, and I want to move the bookmarks on Firefox to the new PC. I haven't done it before, do you have any idea? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Larissa· Answered on Mar 15, 2024

There are three working ways you can use to transfer Firefox bookmarks from one computer to another:

  • Use the Mozilla Firefox Sync feature
  • Backup and restore bookmarks
  • Export and import bookmarks in HTML format

First of all, the Mozilla Firefox sync feature is the most straightforward way to transfer bookmarks from one computer to another. Using this way, you just need to open the Firefox browser on the new computer and sign in with the same account. It will automatically sync the bookmarks on the new computer. However, many users have encountered some issues, like the sync feature doesn't work, some of the bookmarks being lost during the sync process, etc. So, they tend to seek other ways. 

Using backup and restore is also available and ensures no data loss. The backup and restore software, like EaseUS Todo Backup for Free, will make the process easier. You need to use an external storage device, like USB, to save the backup. EaseUS Todo Backup is such a robust backup and restore program that supports saving bookmarks to an external hard drive, NAS, cloud storage service, security zone, etc. 

Exporting and importing bookmarks is also available if you want to avoid downloading thor-party software or using the sync feature. Using this way, the bookmarks will be saved in HTML format and transferred to the new PC.

Among the three methods, backup and restore is the most recommended because they will ensure no data loss and keep the bookmarks safe. 

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