How Do I Back Up A PC Infected with A Virus?

My computer has recently been infected with a virus and I would like to give it a full check and clean. But I didn't back up the computer before. Is it possible to back up a PC infected with a virus? How do you deal with this situation?

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Larissa· Answered on Feb 22, 2023

If your computer is infected with a virus, you can't back up the system or hard drive directly because it may have infected your system. If you back them up directly, the virus is also being backed up, which may destroy your backup storage devices.

But that doesn't mean there aren't other ways. You can back up these files saved from Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, as well as these compressed videos and photos because they won't be affected by viruses easily. After that, format your computer and use anti-virus software to do a comprehensive cleaning of the computer.

Here is the specific tutorial:

Action 1. Use EaseUS Todo Backup to create a copy of the above files, store the backup to an external storage device, and then unplug it from the computer.

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7

EaseUS Todo Backup is a reliable file backup and restore utility that can help you back up selected files and help you protect your data from virus attacks. 

Some excellent features of EaseUS Todo Backup:

  • Security backup to protect data from virus attack
  • Incremental and differential backup to save time and storage space
  • Schedule backups for regular protection
  • Compress, split and encrypt backups for security

Action 2. Format the computer, and use anti-virus software to clean the computer comprehensively.

Formatting your computer is one of the most effective ways to solve virus infection, and then use anti-virus software to ensure all viruses are removed from your system.

Action 3. Now, your computer is safe and allows you to create a system image if needed. 

After solving the virus problem, you can create a system image with EaseUS Todo Backup. System Image is a complete image of your hard drive, which includes OS, programs, settings, and all data saved in the disk partition. 

It would help to restore the computer to its original status even if it crashed by a virus or malware attack.

Action 4. Restore backed-up files to the computer.

Now you can restore the backed-up documents, compressed videos, and photos to your computer. Just open EaseUS Todo Backup, browser to recover and select the backup file, then click Proceed to restore data from it.

Download EaseUS Todo Backup to Protect Computer Data!

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