How to Backup and Restore My Battlefield 2042 Config File?

Hello, I would like to seek your help! Due to some minor computer problems, I plan to factory reset it. However, to keep my game data safe, I would like to back up the Battlefield 2042 config file, which contains the keys I'm used to using and other personal settings. Is there an easy and valuable way to back it up? And how do I restore the file after the computer reset is complete?

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Rel· Answered on Dec 20, 2023

If you want to back up the Battlefield 2042 config file:

  • Step 1.  First, you should find out its location on your PC. I offered you the right Battlefield 2042 config file location: %USERPROFILE%> Documents> Battlefield 2042 Open Beta> settings.
  • Step 2. Then navigate to the file location, you will see a file named "PROFSAVE_profile". It's the Battlefield 2042 config file you want.
  • Step 3. Now you can manually copy the file and save it to another location for backup.

In addition to manual backups, I recommend using the automatic backup tool EaseUS Todo Backup Home to create smart backup plans for your favorite games later.

EaseUS Todo Backup Home can automatically back up your game saves file, config file, and even all local files according to your personal settings. There is no limit to the file size, and this professional software will complete all the backup tasks you create with great speed. After the file data updating, if you set it up properly, EaseUS will also update the copies simultaneously.

When you need to restore a file, you just need to paste the backed-up copy to the exact same location and replace it with the current file to complete the restoration. However, to prevent any problems, please clear the game cache before starting the game for the first time after recovery.

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