What Does Steam Backup Game Files Do?

Due to some problems with my computer, I now need to reinstall my Windows system. Reinstalling the system will cause me to lose all my data, but I don't want to lose my game progresses in Steam. I have already backed up Steam's files, which took me about 8 hours. I wonder if it's useful for me to do this. Can I achieve my goal after restoring these backed-up files on the new system?

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Rel· Answered on Jan 31, 2024

Hi, if I'm not misguessed, the file location you backed up is \Steam\ Steamapps

The files in this folder will only contain local game files. In other words, they are only responsible for the normal operation of the game and do not contain any additional files. After you restore the backed-up Steam files on the new system, you do not need to download the game again. 

However, your game progress, configuration, mods, etc., will not be restored. This also means that if you only have a backup of Steam's game files, then on the new system, you will start the game journey again, just like you just purchased a new game.

If you want to restore your game progress on the new system, you need to back up your game saves file. These game saves will not be saved in a unified location, and you need to go to different locations for backup. This can take a lot of time. Therefore, I recommend using EaseUS Todo Backup Home to perform the whole disk backup.

All your game backups will be saved on the C drive by default. Before reinstalling the system, you only need to use EaseUS Todo Backup to back up the complete C drive image, and you can complete a perfect recovery in the new system. 

At the same time, EaseUS Todo Backup also supports you in creating multiple backup tasks at the same time. You can back up your Steam game files and your C drive simultaneously so that after restoring all data, you not only don't have to download the game again but also sync your game progress.

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