Do You Need to Change the BIOS Settings for an SSD?

I want to install an SSD on my Windows 10 computer. But do I need to change BIOS settings for SSD? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Jerry· Answered on Sep 13, 2023

Generally speaking, you do not have to change the BIOS settings for an SSD. The SSD will be recognized the same as a mechanical HDD.

However, if the SSD is NVMe and SATA was previously used, the BIOS may deactivate the NVMe (M.2) connector. For the BIOS to identify the SSD in this situation, it must be activated.

You might need to change the BIOS settings for an SSD in some situations, such as turning on AHCI mode or turning off legacy boot options. The following are some situations where you might need to adjust the BIOS settings for your SSD:

  • SATA Mode. You might need to adjust the SATA Mode setting in the BIOS if you're installing an SSD on an older system previously set up for a conventional hard drive. When linked using AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface) mode instead of IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) mode, SSDs often perform better. The documentation for your motherboard should have information on how to change the SATA mode.
  • Boot Order. You might need to change the boot order in the BIOS if you're installing the SSD as your main boot disk. To make the computer boot from the SSD, ensure to specify the SSD as the first boot device.
  • Secure Erase. You can delete the drive using a secure erase feature on some SSDs. A BIOS setting or a specific key combination must be pressed to activate this feature during bootup. To access and utilize this feature, refer to the documentation provided by the maker of your SSD.

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