Do I Need an External Hard Drive to Create a System Image?

I plan to back up and create a system image for my Windows 10 laptop. However, I struggle with whether to save the image on the local or external drive. Do you have any suggestions?

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Larissa· Answered on Mar 15, 2024

It is strongly recommended to use an external hard drive to save the system image, which can physically separate the backup from the original data. It can protect the backup well even if your computer is attacked by viruses or malware. 

Saving the system image backup on an external hard drive or USB also has the following advantages: 

  • 1️⃣Easy to carry. With an external system image, you can take it anywhere you want. It is very convenient if you travel frequently. Access your data easily even if you don't have your computer on hand.
  • 2️⃣Save more space. With the backup files saved on an external device, you can spare more storage for other data and save space for your computer.
  • 3️⃣Protect backup from theft, fire, or water accidents. Apart from virus protection, an external backup will also protect your device against the damages caused by accidental water or fire.

We talked so much about the benefits of saving backup on an external hard drive. Do you know how to create a Windows system image on an external hard drive? EaseUS Todo Backup Free is a good helper in doing it with simple clicks. It is a professional backup software that you can use to create a Windows system image backup to an external hard drive, cloud, or network location. Download and use it to protect your system.

  • Connect the external hard drive to your computer
  • Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and click Create Backup.
  • Select OS and click Next.
  • Choose the external hard drive as the target location, and click Next.
  • Click Backup Now to execute the backup process.

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