How Do I Set Up Windows To Automatically Back Up the Entire Content of My Primary Drive Onto My Backup Drive Every Night?

Inside my PC tower, I have two drives. The first is my primary drive (a 250GB SSD). The second is a plugged-in 1TB disk that I want to use as a backup in case the SSD fails. I want Windows to back up the first drive to the second drive automatically. Do you have any suggestions?

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Larissa· Answered on Jul 20, 2023

It is not difficult to set an automatic backup from one drive to another every night. Choosing a suitable backup solution is the key to setting a successful scheduled backup. EaseUS Todo Backup is the perfect choice to back up a whole disk or partition from one place to another. 

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Now download it and start to set the scheduled backup of your entire hard drive.

Step 1: Start EaseUS Todo Backup.

Launch the software when it has been installed. You'll notice a clean and simple interface with various backup choices.

Step 2: Select a backup source and a destination

Click "Disk" and then choose your primary disk as the source and your backup drive as the destination. You can also specify the partitions or files/folders you want to use.

Step 3: Setup Backup Options

Select an automated backup schedule in the backup settings. Choose "Daily" and enter the time you want the backup to run every night. Enable the "Incremental Backup" option to save storage space and time during backups.

Step 4: Begin the Backup Procedure

Check your backup options, making sure everything is correct, and then click "Backup now" to begin the backup process. Every night, EaseUS Todo Backup will conduct the backup automatically, ensuring that your entire primary drive is backed up to the specified backup disk.

Step 5: Manage and Monitor Backups

When the backup procedure is over, you can use the EaseUS Todo Backup interface to monitor and manage your backups. You can recover files and folders, check the integrity of backups, and even clone your entire drive if necessary.

By following these steps, you can easily set up EaseUS Todo Backup to perform nightly backups of your primary drive to a backup drive. This dependable program safeguards the safety of your data and gives you peace of mind by safely backing up your key files on a regular basis.

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