What Exactly Will System Image Recovery Do?

I'm planning on performing a clean installation of Windows 10 and creating a system image to use to recover all my user's data after the installation. But I don't know what exactly system image recovery will do. Will it bring my computer back to the exact current state, and will it affect the clean Windows 10 installation?

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Rel· Answered on Jan 19, 2023

Yes, the system image will bring your computer back to the exact current state. 

The system image will create a copy of the entire system disk, including user data, registry entries, boot files, program files, and all system-related files. Because of this, the system image can restore the user data and application data back to the state you create the system image. This is what exactly the system image recovery will do.

And the system image recovery will affect the clean Windows 10 installation. 

System image recovery is different from reinstalling Windows. When you use the recovery drive to reinstall the system, because the recovery drive does not contain personal data, your computer will return to the factory state and achieve a clean installation. But the system image recovery will retain your files and settings. So the system image recovery will affect the fresh Windows 10 installation.

If you want to achieve a clean Windows 10 installation and recover all your user's data after installation, I will suggest you create a recovery drive and use EaseUS Todo Backup.

The recovery drive will fresh install your Windows system, while the EaseUS Todo Backup, as professional backup software, can support you to back up your files and store these copies in the cloud space and recover it with great ease.

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