What Is Stored in Recovery Drive?

What is stored in a recovery drive? And what is the difference between the recovery drive and the system image? I want to figure these questions out in a simple way. Any replies will be grateful!

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In short, all system files required for PC recovery are stored in a recovery drive. The task of recovery drives is to restore the computer to its original state, which means the factory settings or Windows environment copy. Its function is similar to the factory reset option in mobile phones, which formats your computer and clears all desktop apps and your personal data.

Generally speaking, the recovery drive will restore your computer to the state when you first started it. Its backup process excludes all third-party applications and personal data. Therefore, the recovery drive can not only recover deleted files or other user data but also cause all your original data to be lost when you use it to reinstall the system.

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It can customize the automatic backup plan for you. The backup content can include the system, disk, file, etc. With its help, in case of a system disaster, you can quickly reinstall the system and recover the data easily.

The system image will create a copy of the entire hard disk partition, which contains user data, boot files, registry entries, program files, and all files associated with the system. That is to say, the obvious differences between the system image and the recovery drive are that the system image file is larger than the recovery drive and can help you recover personal data.

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