Does Cloning a Hard Drive Copy Programs?

I have a new SSD larger than my old HDD, and I want to transfer the programs into the SSD. I know that the best way to replace HDD with SSD is cloning. So, does cloning hard drive copy programs?

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Jerry· Answered on Dec 23, 2022

Yes, if you copy the entire hard disk. Sometimes you don't even need to make any changes to be able to boot from the cloned drive.

In the usual sense of cloning, everything is copied. All the relevant data, all the free space, all the "removed" files, all the partition data, all the uninitialized sectors - everything - is included in it. You must be very careful while cloning since your crucial data will be lost if you incorrectly choose the source and target drives. Therefore, before beginning the operation, you'd better double-check the source and target drives. Besides, if your SSD is not new, there may be data stored on it. Under such circumstances, you should create a backup of your SSD.

To clone your HDD to SSD, you must turn to professional cloning software for help since Windows has no such tool. But there are many cloning tools available on the market. So, which one should you use comes to a question. Here, a practical and easy-to-use tool will be introduced to use. It is called EaseUS Todo Backup.

EaseUS Todo Backup is a practical, all-in-one backup and recovery tool with powerful cloning functions. For example, it enables you to clone a BitLocker encrypted drive, clone SSD to HDD, and clone Windows 11 to SSD. Besides, it enables you to automatically back up files, systems, disks, partitions, etc. And it also enables you to save the backups to diverse locations, such as the local drive, Security Zone, NAS, and Cloud. Furthermore, you can enjoy 250G free cloud storage to help you save your backups and data to protect them better.

Cloning a hard drive will not only copy programs but also everything, including the OS, files, etc.

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