Should I Clone a Failing Hard Drive?

Since last Sunday, my hard disk has been displaying indicators of failure. My PC is sluggish whenever I'm finally able to log on. Additionally, programs will occasionally crash. This tells me that my hard disk is deteriorating and has some corruption already. Should I clone a failing hard drive?

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Jerry· Answered on Dec 20, 2023

Yes, you should clone a failing hard drive to protect your data. If your operating system is on the hard drive, it is imperative to clone it. Or you will lose your operating system.

Hard drives, like the majority of electronic storage devices, may malfunction for unspecified reasons, such as:

  • During starting and shutdown, there is a sudden, forced power off.
  • Using the partition improperly.
  • Poor physical sectors.
  • Long-term use with a short lifespan.

Hard disks typically degrade gradually. You have time to respond, replicate your data, and replace the storage device before it fails fatally because it doesn't terminate all at once.

Hard drive damage has various characteristics.

  • The computer slows down, frequent freezes, and blue screens of death.
  • The laptop won't turn on.
  • Unusual sounds.

Your top priority should be to export the data on your disk as soon as possible to assure data security when your computer and disk have these issues, especially if you are dealing with hard disk damage. This is because doing so is less expensive than fixing the hard disk. Additionally, cloning the hard drive is a wise decision. However, the issue is how to clone a failing hard disk. Do not worry; here comes a disk cloning program for you.

EaseUS Disk Copy is a valuable and multi-functional cloning tool. It can help you to clone a drive with bad sectors and clone HDD to SSD without reinstalling Windows. 

Yes, you should clone a failing hard drive to protect your data. And using a cloning program like EaseUS Disk Copy is your first choice.

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