How to Clone Hard Drive with Different Sector Size

My laptop has a 1TB HDD, and I recently purchased an SSD. I wish to clone my operating system from my HDD to an SSD while using Windows 10, but I am getting errors in the cloning process with different sector sizes. Can I clone hard drives with different sector sizes?

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Jerry· Answered on Dec 29, 2022

Yes, you can clone hard drive with different sector sizes.

Typically, a hard disk is included with your computer. However, as more files are uploaded and programs are installed, your drive may become full, and computer performance will start to suffer. If so, you might want to replace the hard disk because it is not the same size as the old one. And then it could cause various problems during the cloning procedure.

The SSD is often smaller than HDD in most cases, and because HDD takes up much more space than SSD, it might not be possible to shrink the disk to match the smaller SSD's size. The operating system, boot partition(s), system files, drivers, etc., must all be present for the system to boot. It makes no difference if the program you choose allows you to copy just the hard drive's utilized sectors rather than all of them.

Cloning hard drives is a well-liked method to increase performance, replace an outdated hard disk, or create a backup copy. As long as you use dependable cloning software to assist you with the cloning procedure, you can clone a large HDD to a smaller SSD, such as from 1TB to 500GB, or clone a hard drive to a larger disk, such as from 500GB to 1TB.

A dependable disk cloning program, such as EaseUS Todo Backup, can assist you in cloning disks of various sizes in Windows 7/8/10/11 and ensure that you can boot from it after cloning to both larger and smaller drives.

EaseUS Todo Backup is a practical backup and restore utility with powerful cloning functions. It lets you clone HDD to SSD and clone SSD to HDD. Besides, it enables you to clone a hard drive sector by sector, thus helping you clone a hard disk with different sector sizes. You can also apply it to back up your computer and restore the backup if something goes wrong.

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