When to Do When Clonezilla Unable to Find Laptop NVMe Drive

Hey everyone, I'm attempting to clone my SSD to a new NVMe drive using Clonezilla, but it isn't detecting the NVMe drive. Do you know why Clonezilla is unable to find the laptop NVMe drive? Are there any workarounds you know of, or is there a specific setting I need to enable? Please assist me!

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Jerry· Answered on Mar 11, 2024

The incorrect BIOS configuration is the primary cause of the issue. Clonezilla won't recognize the NVMe drive if your BIOS is unable to identify it. Furthermore, the NVMe drive may not be able to recognize Clonezilla due to a transient bug, out-of-date device drivers, or SATA mode in the BIOS.

You can try to use the following methods to solve the Clonezilla NVMe not detected error.

  • Update Clonezilla. Verify that Clonezilla is the most recent version you are using. To ensure Clonezilla works with NVMe SSDs, go to the official website and download the most recent version.
  • Enable NVMe in BIOS settings. Ensure that the BIOS on your computer is set up properly to recognize NVMe devices. Also, go into the BIOS settings to ensure that NVMe SSDs are enabled and correctly detected by the computer.
  • Use a USB-to-NVMe adapter. You can use a USB-to-NVMe adaptor if Clonezilla is still unable to recognize the NVMe disk directly. Using the adapter, connect the NVMe drive to a USB port on your computer. Next, launch Clonezilla to check if it can identify the NVMe disk connected via USB.
  • Update device driver. On Windows 10/11, the NVMe drive not detecting Clonezilla problem can occasionally be caused by out-of-date device drivers, including the disk, chipset, and even controller drivers. Thus, it it suggested to update to the most recent version of all pertinent drivers.
  • Use Clonezilla alternatives. If Clonezilla continues not detecting NVMe drives, you can use the Clonezilla alternative to clone hard drive to NVMe SSD drives.

When it comes to the Clonezilla alternative, EaseUS Disk Copy is a name that has to be mentioned. It is a dedicated disk cloning program that can let you clone hard drives from different manufacturers and types, such as M.2 or NVMe. It allows you to transfer data from one SSD to another without data loss and OS reinstallation. In addition, it helps you make sector-by-sector clones of HDDs or SSDs.

If Clonezilla is unable to recognize NVMe drives on your laptop/computer, you can try the methods mentioned above. Using the EaseUS disk cloning software is the best way to help you clone a hard drive without encountering problems of this kind.

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