Can I Clone My HDD and Still Keep Using Original and Cloned as Usual?

Can I clone my HDD, and still use it and the cloned one as usual? Is it possible to achieve? Any idea will be great enough!

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Rel· Answered on Apr 01, 2024

Sure, you can clone your hard drive and still use it and the cloned one as usual, but there are a few tips to keep in mind:

📍Operating system license: 

The license may restrict you from using that operating system on one device, whether it is Windows or macOS. So if you clone your HDD and will use it on a different PC, you need to make sure your license allows for such behavior.

If you want to use it in the original device, since the license is tied to the hardware, while you can clone your HDD, the clone must still be running with the rest of the same hardware to remain active.

📍Hardware compatibility: 

If you are using a cloned HDD on a new computer, then you need to be aware of hardware compatibility. A different computer configuration may make the drive problematic and not work properly.

Overall, cloning does not affect the use of the drive as long as the above-mentioned issues are noted. However, in the process of cloning a hard drive, you'd better choose reliable cloning software that will perform the cloning task stably and efficiently and ensure that the cloned disk will not have any data problems. And EaseUS Disk Copy will be a nice option.

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In addition to fast and excellent HDD cloning tasks, EaseUS Disk Copy offers powerful features to ensure that you can clone or move your HDD to another computer at any time.

To sum up, you can clone your HDD and still use the old one and the new one, but you’d better ask for the help of a third-party tool.

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