How to Create an Image File of an Entire Drive?

I have a very old 200GB hard drive that holds a lot of my important data, including photos, videos, graduation papers, etc., from my youth. I am afraid that the drive will deteriorate and become unreadable in the future. I'd like to create an image of the entire drive to prevent this from happening. How can I do this? Any response would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi there. Creating a disk image means that an exact copy of the HDD will be made, including the entire disk's settings, programs, and all stored data.

In your case, creating a disk image of your old hard drive is a very good thought, and you will be able to get a full backup of your disk data.

The method of creating an entire drive image is not difficult, but it requires the help of professional tools to make the process fast enough and secure enough. Let‘s meet the extraordinary disk image creator - EaseUS Todo Backup Home.

EaseUS Todo Backup Home is essentially a professional backup program that can create all types of backup plans to secure your PC's data in all respects. But with its outstanding advanced features, it can also be used as a professional disk/system imaging software.

With the help of EaseUS TBH, the process of creating a 200GB disk image will be very fast and you can refer to the following steps for specific creation instructions.

Step 1. Hit the Select backup contents icon on EaseUS Todo Backup Home.

Step 2. Choose the Disk option and the 200GB old drive as the backup destination.

Step 3. Choose a location to save the backup data according to the prompt.

Step 4. Press the button to start the creating process now.

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