How Can I Create A Windows System Image on A Drive Which Already Has Data on It?

I want to create a system image of my Windows computer, but I only have one available hard drive that already has other saved data on it. Can I save the new system image to the disk directly? Will that erase these saved data? Is there a way to create a Windows system image on a drive that already has data?

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Larissa· Answered on Dec 15, 2022

Generally speaking, creating a system image will erase all the data on the destination disk. But there is no way out.

If you want to create a system image as well as save the original data, you need to create a new partition first and then save the image on the new partition volume. In this way, both the system image and original data will be safely stored on the hard drive. But you need to note that a system image requires relatively large storage space, so make sure your hard drive has enough space.

Here are step-by-step guides for creating new partition and Windows system image:

Action 1. Create A New Partition on Destination Disk

Windows Disk Management is a built-in tool that can allocate your disk volume effectively.

Note that although partitioning a hard drive or disk won't cause data loss, we still recommend you back up data in case of any unexpected errors.

  • Open Disk Management by right-clicking the Windows icon and choosing Disk Management.
  • Right-click the unlocated space on your disk, and choose "New Simple Volume" > Next.
  • Customize the volume size you want to create in MB or use the default size, and then select "Next."
  • Choose the default file system as NTFS and click "Next" to format the volume > Finish.

Action 2. Create System Image

EaseUS Todo Backup is an excellent utility that allows you to create a Windows system image with a few clicks. It also supports backing up files, folders, partitions, and APP data. Using it, you won't lose any data during the backup process.

  • Download and install EaseUS Todo Backup on your computer.
  • Tools > System clone.
  • EaseUS Todo Backup will automatically select the boot and the system partition, choose the target disk and click "Next." 
  • Click "Proceed" to start the procedure, and wait for the process to be completed.

After completing these steps, you should have successfully created a system image on a drive that already has data on it.

You can now use this image for individual file recovery or entire system restoration in case of any unfortunate event, like hardware failure and virus attacks. 

For additional security, make sure to store your system images in a safe and secure location. 

Also, update the image regularly by creating new backups upon significant changes or installing new applications. This will ensure that you can always use the most recent system image version when restoring your computer.

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