FIXED: Windows Server Backup Stuck on Reading Data

Sometimes Windows Server Backup acts up and gets stuck on Reading Data. This error is a common problem among server users and it annoys many users. In this article, we’re going to explore a few reasons that might be causing this issue. Then, we'll talk about possible fixes as well.

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Updated by Larissa on Dec 19, 2023

Windows Server has many great features, just like its Windows counterpart. So, what happens if it runs into a problem?

Windows Server is full of intriguing and handy features. It allows the administrator to keep everything in line and ensure everything goes smoothly. However, there are times when people run into some issues, and that's when they hit the internet looking for answers.

windows server

One such instance is when Windows Server backup is stuck on reading data. This problem occurs for many people, and there are a few fixes for it. So, let's dive right into it.

Windows Server backup is a toolkit within Windows Server that allows the user/administrator to perform basic backup tasks. This includes setting up a backup and related settings, like storage and backup frequency.

It allows users to set up a specific time for automatic backups or conduct manual backups whenever they feel like it. However, sometimes it runs into an issue where the user gets their Windows Server Backup stuck on "reading data."

This annoying issue isn't only time-wasting but also causes further headaches, like lost time, and potentially hurts viable backup. Today, we're going to look for a few solutions for it. So, let's dive right in.

Possible Reasons Why Windows Server Backup (WSB) Stuck on Reading Data

There are many reasons why Windows Server Backup (WSB) might not work. Sometimes, it's something specific or small causing the issue. Other times, it could be minor hardware or a major software issue.

Either way, one of them could be the operating system itself lacking or acting up. But that doesn't mean it cannot be dealt with. So, the first step is to diagnose or understand what might be causing the issue. So, it usually could be caused by a few issues, such as:

  • Bad internet connection
  • Ran out storage
  • Issues on Microsoft's end
  • Bad settings or configuration

Now, there are unique cases where none of these issues are causing the problems, and rather it might be the hardware. However, these are some of the main reasons why it could be happening to your Windows Server.

Other times, some other service fails to work and doesn't allow it to download or upload the data properly. That's why Windows Server Backup just fails to work properly. So, this could be yet another cause of the upload of backup being stuck on reading data.

4 Ways to Fix Windows Server Backup Stuck on Reading Data

In order to fix your Windows Server Backup being stuck on reading data, you can try various methods. In this section, we're going to talk about four simple fixes that can help you get past this strut quite easily. So, the first fix is a simple one. Here's what you need to do:

Fix 1. Perform Backup as Administrator

The first fix you'll try is to fun the backup as administrator. In this, you will try to do the same backup trick, except you'll run the program as an administrator. So, something like this:

run as administrator

This will cause any underlying issues to stop acting up, as the administrator privileges will ram through any issues. Another viable way to do it is by using the admin command in the command prompt. So, simply copy and paste this line:

"wbadmin start backup [-backupTarget:{"

This command will ensure that your backup runs without any issues and doesn't cause any disruptions in the middle.

Fix 2. Restart Windows Server Backup

In this step, you'd have to restart Windows Server Backup by shutting it off, then turning it on again. So, if your setup is stuck, just turn it off and start it off again using the steps mentioned above. So, you'd have to restart Windows Server Backup in administrator mode.

Then, you need to restart a few other key services, such as:

Restarting the backup and these services will surely make a difference and get your backup up and running again. Besides, if you simply do not want to use it anymore, you may just stop Windows Server Backup.

Fix 3. Disable SQL Server VSS Writer Service

Another known fix is to disable SQL Server VSS Writer Service. Disabling this particular service can cause the delay to stop and the backup to continue running smoothly. So, look up this feature in your Windows server and disable it before starting the backup again.

Fix 4. Restart Your Server

This process is the final step, as it'll require you to shut everything down and turn everything back on again. This shouldn't be a simple reboot, as all the electricity must be drawn from your computer/server. Here's how:

Step 1. Turn off your server

Step 2. Unplug it for 10-15 seconds

Step 3. Plug it back up

Step 4. Turn it back on

Step 5. Turn the backup on again

Step 6. Done

This will cause a total restart of your server and cause any underlying issues to stop getting in the way.

How to Make Windows Server Backup Smoother

A good way to ensure you don't run into this backup issue again is by doing things differently. Windows Server backup is known to be buggy and full of issues. So, instead of dealing with that continuously, we suggest using a professional tool.

One such option you have is EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise. This outstanding enterprise backup software is ideal for server-related backups and allows you to conduct backup easily, conveniently, and without all the issues that we've talked about today.

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So, why should you use this tool instead of the in-built options? Here are a few (of the many) reasons:

  • It keeps backing up simple
  • It makes recovery a lot more efficient
  • It improves backup and recovery time—saving a lot of time in the process
  • Smart solution for both Windows PCs and servers—so both users can make the most of it
  • Centralized backup point for easier recovery from any device
  • Restoring images to unfamiliar or newer hardware
  • Clone your hard drive as a backup quickly
  • Setup your automatic backup for Windows Server
  • Offers a free trial

As you can see, there are more than enough reasons for anyone to consider. That's why any enterprise or server-related backup solution needs this tool to ensure smooth backing up and avoid all the hassles that come with in-built or default options in the Windows Server. The tool will surely serve as a notable helper in Windows Server backup and restore.

Here is a step-by-step guide of using EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise to back up disk with ease:

Step 1. Open EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise. Then click "New Task" to set a new backup. 

click new task to create backup

Step 2. Choose "Disk/Volume" as the target among the options at the top. Then select the disk you want to back up.

choose system to backup

Step 3. Then click "Browser" to choose the destination where you want to put the backup.

choose the destionation

Step 4. You can customize your backup scheme by clicking "Schedule: Off". Here you can see "Schedule", "Backup cleanup" and "Adcanced Settings". Click "New" under the "Schedule" catalog.

set schedule backup step1

Then set the backup frequency based on your needs.

set scheduled backup step 2

Step 5. Click "Backup options" on the bottom-left corner of the interface.

backup options

You can change the performance, encryption, e-mail notification, and other options here according to your preferences. When finish, click "Save" to return to the main interface. 

Step 6. When you finish all settings, click "Proceed" to start backing up disk. 

click proceed to start system backup

The Bottom Line

These are some reasons your backup might be stuck and the fixes you can try. But you need to remember that fixing Windows Server Backup stuck on reading data isn't as easy as it might seem. That's why it's recommended that you try something better.

In this case, a professional tool like EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise. Not only because of its abilities but also because of the ease it provides alongside the peace of mind compared to default backup options.

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FAQ on Windows Server Backup

If you have further questions, then these frequently asked ones might be able to answer them:

1. How do I force a Windows Server backup to stop?

The first thing you're going to do is head into the Dashboard. From there, find the server in the list of computers under the Device tab. There, click on the "Stop backup for the server" option and confirm when asked.

2. How do I speed up Windows Server backup?

First off, make sure your internet is working smoothly. A lot of times, the internet causes the backup to run slowly—especially if you're placing it on a cloud or another NAS server. If not, ensure the device you're backing up to is connected properly.

Then, use the methods mentioned in this article to restart your backup to speed it up. Or, you can use a third-party tool like EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise for a speedier backup and recovery.

3. How do I restart the Windows backup service?

Head into your Windows server's command prompt by pressing Windows + R, then type CMD. After it's up, type net restart "backup service controller" and press enter. Once done, it'll restart your backup service from scratch.

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