How to Back up Windows Server 2016 to External Hard Drive

Preventing data loss through backup is crucial in case of accidental operations. Are you searching for a way to back up your Windows Server 2016 to an external hard drive? This article provides detailed explanations of two main methods.

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Updated by Gap on Dec 19, 2023

It's crucial to back up your Windows Server 2016 to protect your valuable data. The simplest, most convenient, and most dependable backup method involves using an external hard drive. This article will guide you through two straightforward methods to back up your Windows Server 2016 to an external hard drive using EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise and Windows Server Backup.

Before starting the backup process, ensure you have selected an external hard drive and connected it to your Windows Server. It's also essential to ensure the drive has adequate capacity for your server's data and that it's recognized by your computer.

back up windows server 2016 to an external disk

Backup with EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise

EaseUS Todo Backup provides a variety of features for Windows server backup, including system, disk, partition, folder, and even active directory backups. It also offers an efficient recovery function, enabling you to restore your backup data as needed. Additionally, it permits users to choose different storage paths, including an external disks, and provides comprehensive options for customizing your backup task as per your preference.

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EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise, with its user-friendly interface easy, and robust safety measures, is often users' first choice for data backup. Here's a guide on how to utilize it to back up Windows Server 2016 to an external disk.
1. Create a Task
Click on New Task on the left hand side to create a backup task. 

create a backup task to back up windows server 2016 to an external disk

2. Choose the Backup Data
Select the specific Windows Server data that you wish to safeguard to prevent future data loss. You have the option to back up your disks, files, mail, etc. according to your preference.

choose the specific windows server data to back it up to an external disk

3. Select a Storage Path
Choose the destination as your prepared external disk to save the backup data by clicking on Browse....Then click Computer to locate the target disk. Once you’ve done this, please click OK.

choose the destination as the external disk to save the windows server backup data

Please note that this product supports both on-premise and cloud backups. If you have additional desired backup locations, you can select them to create backups of your data.
4. More Options to Perfect the Task
There are other options to help customize your backup tasks:
You can clearly differentiate your backup task with Plan Name& Description.
The Backup Schedule option allows you to set up a regular backup task to be executed one-time, daily, weekly or monthly. You can also set backup types as full, incremental or differential, all based on your requirements. 
You can also optimize storage space usage with the Backup Cleanup option.
Furthermore, the Backup options provides more features to further refine and perfect your backup task, such as the performance and encryption options etc.

more options to perfect your windows server 2016 backup task

Once your backup task is configured, please click Proceed to initiate the backup of your Windows Server 2016 and then the backup data will be saved to your external disk.

Backup with Windows Server Backup

Windows Server includes a built-in feature, Windows Server Backup, that also simplifies the backup process. Please follow the outlined steps below to back up your Windows Server to an external disk.

1. Open Windows Server Backup
Click on the Windows Server Start menu and search for Windows Server Backup.  Once the application appears, click on it to open.

back up windows server 2016 with windows server backup

If it is not installed, please add the feature through the Server Manager.

create windows server backup through the server manager

2. Start the Backup Wizard
In the console, click on the Local Backup node on the left hand side and click on Backup Schedule...under the Actions pane. Once done, click Next to move forward.

start the server backup and create a local backup

3. Choose Backup Type
In the Backup Wizard, choose the type of backup you wish to perform. Windows Server 2016 offers Full server and Custom volume backup. Choose a backup configuration and click Next to proceed.

select the backup configuration as full server backup

4. Specify Backup Time
The aforementioned process will direct you to the backup time setting options. Adjust the frequency of the backup according to your requirements. You have the flexibility to schedule backups for your data either once a day or multiple times during the day. Once your selection is made, click Next to proceed.

specify the backup time through the backup wizard

5. Specify Backup Destination
Please choose Backup to a hard disk that is dedicated for backups, which helps save your Server data to your external disk. Once the location is selected, click Next.

specify the backup storage destination as an external disk

A notification will appear, indicating that your selected disks will be reformatted and any data on them will be erased. Please consider this carefully before clicking Yes to continue.

please note the data on your target disk will be erased with windows server backup

6.After completing the above steps, click Finish to perform the backup.

confirm your Windows server backup task and proceed it


Backing up your Windows Server 2016 to an external disk ensures your data's safety and availability, minimizing the risk of data loss. The two methods described above can help achieve your objectives. While Windows Server Backup offers basic data backup functions, EaseUS Todo Backup provides a more user-friendly, easy and comprehensive solution for data backup. If you are an administrator, it's highly recommended to use the EaseUS backup tool for the protection of your Windows Server.

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How to Back up Windows Server 2016 to External Hard Drive FAQs

1. What is a Windows Server backup?

Windows Server Backup is a feature that comes built-in with Windows Server operating systems. It provides a simple solution for admins to backup and restore their server's data. 

2. Can I use an external HDD on server?
Yes, you can use an external HDD on a server for backup or extra storage. Before connecting the external HDD, make sure it is compatible with your server's operating system and has enough capacity for your backup or storage needs. Always remember to safely eject the HDD when you're finished using it to prevent data loss or corruption.

3. What are the backup strategies in server?
There are mainly three types of backup:
Full Backup: It involves backing up all files and folders within a system. 
Incremental Backup: With this strategy, only the files that have been changed or created since the last backup are saved. 
Differential Backup: This strategy backs up only the files that have changed since the last full backup. 

4. How often should you backup Windows Server?
The frequency of backing up your Windows Server largely depends on the criticality of your data and how often it changes. If the data is highly critical and changes very frequently, daily backups or even multiple times a day might be necessary. For less critical data or data that doesn't change often, weekly or monthly backups might be sufficient. 

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