How to Copy and Paste on Virtual Machine

Copying and pasting virtual machines (VMs) is essential for duplicating environments, creating backups, conducting tests, and dynamically managing computational resources. This article will provide guidance on efficient methods for executing VM copy-and-paste operations.

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Updated by Gap on May 31, 2024

Enabling copy-and-paste functionality between host machine and the virtual machine is crucial for sharing text, files, and images seamlessly. By activating this feature, you can effortlessly transfer content between the two environments, eliminating the necessity for manual transfers or external storage devices. With a few straightforward steps, you can enhance your workflow and optimize your virtual machine experience. 

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In this blog post, we will explore three methods for achieving this - utilizing the copy-and-paste option in VM Workstation, enabling it in Hyper-V, or using EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise.

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How to copy and paste on VMware Workstation

Within the realm of VMware Workstation, a robust virtualization platform favored by professionals across industries, seamless copying and pasting between the host system and virtual machines plays a pivotal role in boosting productivity and streamlining operations. To enable smooth copy and paste operations in VMware Workstation, adhere to these steps:

Step1. Ensure that VMware Tools is installed on your virtual machine. And open the virtual machine in VMware Workstation. Right-click the virtual machine and select the Setting option.

select vm setting.png

Step2. Within the popup window, navigate to the Options tab and select Guest Isolation to enable the copy-and-paste feature. Afterward, you will be able to seamlessly transfer files between your computer and the virtual machine.

enable drop and drag copy and paste.png

How to Copy and Paste on Hyper-V

Enabling copy and paste on Hyper-V can enhance your productivity and make it easier to work seamlessly between your host computer and virtual machines. Here's how to do it:

Step1. From the Hyper-v Settings, select Enhanced Session Mode and tick the check box of Use enhanced session mode.

enhance session mode in hyper v.png

Step2. Now you can copy the file from the host to the guest VM using the following command:

Copy-VMFile "MUG-MYDESKTOP" -SourcePath

"C:\" -DestinationPath

"C:\" -CreateFullPath -FileSource Host

How to Copy and Paste on a Virtual Machine Using EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise

EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise offers two features P2V and System Transfer to allow customers to seamlessly and efficiently migrate drives from physical machines to virtual machines. You can follow these steps to copy and paste on a virtual machine.

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P2V Copy and P2V Recovery

Step1. Click Tools > P2V Copy to specify the disk or partition you want to copy.

click p2v copy.png

Step2. Select the destination to save the virtual machine. Local disk and Network directory can be set as the destination.

choose location.png

Step3. Configure the parameters for the virtual machine and click Proceed to execute the operation. It can help you create a Virtual Machine without backup & recovery. 

proceed p2v copy operation.png

wait for process to finish.png

Step4. Choose a backup task from the list to restore. If the backup you need is not listed, you can manually locate it by clicking on Browse.

choose p2v recovery.png

Step5. Click on Browse to select the target disk for restoring the virtual machine. Once all configurations are set, click on Proceed to initiate the restoration of the image to the virtual machine using P2V Recovery.

select restore location.png

perform restore operation.png

System Transfer

Step1. Click New Task to start a system backup and choose the destination where you want to store this backup image.

select system backup.png

 choose backup location.png

Step2. Click Create Emergency Disk to download the iso image.

 download iso image.png

Step3. After creating a new virtual machine, access the Settings and configure the computer to boot from the ISO image. Power on the virtual machine and press any key within the first few seconds to boot from the CD or DVD.

boot from iso image.png

press any key.png

Step4. Click the System Transfer option and choose Browse to locate the system backup image. Next, choose the target disk to restore. It is rather simple and convenient.

system transfer.png

locate backup image.png

choose target disk to restore.png


EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise is designed to streamline file transfers by offering secure backup and restore features, thereby improving the efficiency of copying and pasting operations. This approach ensures a higher success rate and effectively protects sensitive data. It is a useful tool for copying and pasting on a Virtual Machine with a variety of options. Don't miss out on the trial version.

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FAQs for How to Copy and Paste on Virtual Machine?

1. Can I copy and paste between my host machine and virtual machine?
Yes, you can typically copy and paste text and files between your host machine and virtual machine. However, you may need to enable this feature in your virtual machine settings.

2. Is there a keyboard shortcut for copy and paste in virtual machines?
Yes, the standard keyboard shortcuts are usually Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V for copy and paste, respectively.

3. Are there any limitations to copying and pasting on a virtual machine?
Some virtual machine software may have limitations on the types of content that can be copied and pasted between the host machine and the virtual machine.

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