EaseUS Deploy Manager

Prior Choice for 100,000+ Technicians

Essentials for IT groups

Enable technicians to manage Windows devices remotely. Automate install system, applications.

Endpoint management

Setup systems, install applications, and add machines, all can be finished in the master computer.

One golden image

Simply create and maintain one golden image that can be deployed to any PC in your organization (regardless of manufacturer or model).

One-time delivery

Different groups may require different settings. Several tasks execute in one-time. No need to do repetitive work.

Efficient deployment

A faster and easier deployment choice compared with manual set up computers. Effort and time-saving.


No more manual deskside upgrades, shipping PCs, or users bring PCs to IT. Set up computers regardless of location.

Modern Computer System Management

For IT Departments

It's of great importance for IT specialists in a large company to command the knowledge of how to efficiently install an in-house system on several to massive computer desktops at the same time. The secret of achieving such a goal is to reply on intelligent system deployment software like EaseUS Deploy Manager, which is good at rolling out an imaged Windows operating system to a batch of computers located in the same LAN. Try to improve your KPIs by assigning the time-comsuming task to the mordern technology!

For IT Providers

Seeking the most capable assistant to gain the highest profit in the IT service industry? The onsite services from third parties, particularly those deliver services of installing operating system and special applications for companies' staff for internal use, is always on the top demand. If you're such IT providers, spend less on EaseUS Deploy Manager to make more earnings. It's essential system deployment tool for Microsoft Windows 11/10 workstations as well as Windows Server OSes.

For Organizations

None-profit organizations like educational institutions need endpoint management software badly. It saves great time and effort if you know how to deploy Windows 11/10 integrated with Microsoft Office suite and some instructional software in every classroom in a school environment. For each time a school purchased new devices or the software needs an upgrade, launch EaseUS Deploy Manager and make all the selected machines on the go.

For OEMs

When shipping new machines, it's necessary to install an OEM operating system on the entire batch of computers. That's what Original Equipement Manufactures should do, to deploy an imaged & prevalent Windows operating system to the whole shipping computers and then deliver to the resellers and retailers. With the automate system deploy manager developed by EaseUS, all is a matter of a click and go! Brands of Dell, Lenovo, HP, Toshiba, Acer, Samsung... are all covered.

79% Takes it as SCCM Alternative for Image Deployment

Is Microsoft SCCM the only choice for massive Windows operating system deployment?
Will you challenge yourself to master the steep learning curve of the SCCM theories or operations?
Have you had alterantive system deployment solution in your mind? Please don't say no because we got you here↓

EaseUS Deploy Manager

The best Windows deployment software for Windows operating system and Windows Server OS. It's the real small but complete solution towards startups, companies, enterprises, organizations and educational institutions which consist of hundreds to thousands of computer desktops in a workspace.

EaseUS Deploy Manager vs Microsoft SCCM

EaseUS Deploy ManagerMicrosoft SCCM
Setup TimeIn minutesMulti days
ApplicationIT professionals and individuals can handleAdmin-level use
HelpdeskResource, tutorials and online tech support are availableCan hardly find any online
Ongoing TrainingAlmost no prior training is requiredNeeds special training to obtain an SCCM certification
Ramp Up TimeShortLong
ExpenseFree trial & Inexpensive for bulk purchaseMicrosoft licensing is with relatively high cost

100% Compatible with Windows 11

New System, Greater Productivity

What's New in Windows 11?

Windows 11 is an upcoming major version of the Windows NT operating system that was announced on June 24, 2021. It will be available on October 5, 2021, as a free upgrade to compatible Windows 10 devices through Windows Update.

  • New UI Design and Layout: A better place for you to think, express, and create in a natural way.
  • Windows as a Service Concept: Only one deployment to plan per year and 36 months of support.
  • More IT-Friendly: Creating a more open ecosystem unlocking new opportunities for developers and creators.

Get Ready with Windows 11 Deployment Software

An administrator should keep abreast of any upgrade information to ensure the organization is always equipped with the most advanced systems and device. EaseUS Deploy Manager offers a simple system deployment solution for you, it is suitable for bare metal deployment to a large number of PCs or servers. To deploy the latest Windows 11 or the time-tested Windows 10, EaseUS Deploy Manager is ready to offer a helping hand.


One deployment task can set up any number of computers.

Deploy by group:

Group client computers and manage deployment in batches.

Remote control:

Start or wake up computers in remote locations to deploy the system through the network.

Save time and effort:

No need to manually install Windows on each machine. 43% faster on average per PC.

Full Guide: How to Deploy Windows 11 to Multiple Computers

1. Preparation - 3 Steps

The theory of deploying computer is to restore the image file of the master computer to all other computers, so that the other computers would have the same system and programs. First, create a system image of the master machine using EaseUS Todo Backup.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup on the master machine, click "New Task" on the home screen.

Step 2. Click "System Backup", choose a proper backup location, it should be a network location where you can access from the master machine.

Step 3. Click “Proceed” to start creating a system backup image.

2. Proceeding - 7 Steps

Now you need to use EaseUS Deploy Manager to create a deployment task.

Step 1. Select an existing WinPE file. If you don't have one, click to create a new WinPE file.

Step 2. Click to enable PXE server. *Note: Make sure only the master machine enables the PXE server.

Step 3. Add different departments or different customers as specific groups. You can also manually add machines from a text file or MAC addresses. All available machines will be listed.

Step 4. Click Deployment to start create a deployment task.

You can choose to create, copy, run, stop, edit, or delete a deployment task from the menu bar.

Step 6. Select the image file you created with EaseUS Todo Backup. Enter the username and password. Set up the deploy settings and click Save.

Step 5. Sign a task name here. Select machines you want to deploy. You can also manually add machines.

Step 7. Switch to License to activate your license. Click Add License and paste the license code, click OK to start deploy.

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Install Windows 11/10/8/7 on Multiple Computers at The Same Time

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Can I deploy UEFI system to different computers?

Yes, EaseUS Deploy Manager 3.0 supports UEFI system now.


How to buy EaseUS Deploy Manager license?

You need to buy EaseUS Deploy Manager license for every computer you want to deploy. For workstation, you only need to spend $12 for each PC. If you want to deploy Windows Server, then the price is $45 for each server. If you need to deploy a huge number of computers, you can contact us through livechat to get a bulk license discount!


Do I need to purchase EaseUS Todo Backup together when I need to deploy systems?

EaseUS Todo Backup trial edition is able to create system backup image freely, you can just use the trial edition to create the image then deploy the image use the paid edition of Deploy Manager. But the trial can only be used wtihin 30 days for free, you need to purchase it if you need to use it after 30 days.


Can I deploy images to the computers on different LAN?

Sorry, only the computers within the same LAN can be deployed.


Where can I get the backup image file for deploy?

You need to create a system backup image using Todo Backup first, then you can use this image file to deploy.


Which system can be deployed by Deploy Manager?

  • EaseUS Deploy Manager supports the following operating systems:
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11
  • Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019
  • Windows Small Business Server 2003/2008/2011

Windows 11 Deployment Software

3-step operation simplifies the complex process of setting up new computers in a workspace.